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Autumn 2

Autumn Term 2 Week 7


Award Winners

Well done to our award winners this week! They are; Beth (Golden Citizen), Mahdi (Whizzy Worker) and Savannah (Behaviour Superstar).


Christmas is upon us and the children have been celebrating this week with a Christmas party on Monday, Christmas dinner on Wednesday and a visit from Santa on Thursday! Phew! What a lot of festive cheer! 

Christmas dinner

In maths this week we have been exploring 3D shape. The children worked together to make 3D shapes using polydron and nets and described the properties of each shape using mathematical language. 
The Storm whales have also used their artistic talents to create amazing calendars for the new year. They created a tree using their hands and then represented each season through a combination of backgrounds and differing leaf colour. They all worked very hard at mixing different shades of colour, and I think you'll agree that the results are pretty amazing! 

Seasonal Calendars

To finish up the week and get into the festive spirit, we got out the new glockenspiels, xylophones and boomwhackers and learned 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'. The sound sounded merry, very! 

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Autumn Term 2 Week 6


Award Winners

Well done to our award winners this week! They are; Mia (Golden Citizen), Lily M. (Whizzy Worker) and Armaan (Behaviour Superstar).


This week saw the performance come and go in a flash of green. Another huge shout out to parents that have supported their children in learning songs, dances and lines. The shows were a smashing success and a great time was had by one and all! Merry Grinchmas everyone! 


As a bit of a break from rehearsals and Dr. Seuss, we have been continuing our learning about the Civil Rights Movement and have been learning about the bravery of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. We incorporated our artistic skills into our learning by painting 'Chuck Close' style portraits of these leaders, only using black and white paint and our pointer fingers. The children were brilliant at taking their time and thinking about shade and tone. The finished effect looks amazing and will be on display from next week in Burnaby. 

Civil Rights Portraiture

Autumn Term 2 Week 5


Award Winners

Well done to our award winners this week! They are; Ned (Golden Citizen), Ellie-Mae (Whizzy Worker) and Brooke (Behaviour Superstar).


In literacy this week, we have been continuing our learning about the Civil Rights movement in America. We read books and watched films about Rosa Parks and then worked collaboratively to share what we had learned about her brave act. 

The children then turned their notes into clear sentences in preparation for writing a report on how Rosa Parks changed the experience of black people in the American South. The children supported each other beautifully and shared ideas to support their writing. 
We are all so proud of how hard the Y2 children have been working on the Christmas production. Huge thanks for all of the support that the children have been getting at home. The rehearsals are looking fantastic and we are all super excited for the big day next week! The children have made an amazing display to decorate Burnaby Hall by combining their art, DT and writing skills. I think you'll agree that it looks pretty incredible! 

Autumn Term 2 Week 4


Award Winners

Well done to our award winners this week! They are; Isla (Golden Citizen), Betty (Whizzy Worker) and Lucy (Behaviour Superstar).


On Monday, the Storm Whales had another Class Wide Reward. They chose to bring games in and we had a lovely afternoon playing together. Well done Storm Wales!

We are are in practice mode in Y2 with only just over a week to our dress rehearsal of 'The Grinch'! The children have all been working very hard and we have been creating a Grinch display to decorate Burnaby Hall to add to the festivities. The portraiture of the Grinch was very impressive! 
Thank you to everyone at home that has been helping the children to practice. The performance is really coming along but we still need your help! Please find the Storm Whales class scene and the final two songs. Hopefully your child already brought home a copy and has already started practicing but if not, please help them to learn their lines. Much appreciated! 
Thanks also to Amy for showing a fabulous dance to 'Rockin' around the Christmas Tree'. Our dancers are looking fab!

Autumn Term 2 Week 3


Award Winners

Well done to our award winners this week! They are; Thom (Golden Citizen), Thomas L. (Whizzy Worker) and Ronnie (Behaviour Superstar).


This week, we have been continuing our learning on social injustice and people who changed the world. We have been researching Ruby Bridges and learning about how brave she was.  To demonstrate how unfair segregation in America was, I allowed the girls to play with games whilst the boys sat on the carpet patiently awaiting their turn, which never came! The children then wrote about the experience of how they felt and how they thought the other group may have felt as well to try and understand how people could have believed that segregation was the correct way of life. At the end of the lesson, the poor, mistreated boys finally got a turn and we all played together!

We have been using drama to use empathy and understand how Ruby Bridges might have felt walking through an angry mob of protesters each day. We used a technique called 'conscience alley' to try and recreate the experience of such negativity and hatred and to help the children understand how brave Ruby Bridges had been to persevere each day. The children then used this to start to draft a diary entry from Ruby Bridge's perspective. 

conscience alley

Rehearsals for 'The Grinch' continue and the children are working very hard to learn their lines. Well done to Ned for such an amazing audition and being cast as the Grinch, his sinister demeanour is quite impressive! Next week, I will get the script up on the blog along with a cast list; but for now, here's another song to be practicing at home. It's a Christmas classic! 

Please note the slight change in lyrics from the original song

Autumn Term 2 Week 2


Award Winners

Well done to our award winners this week! They are Lily M. (Golden Citizen), Subhaan (Whizzy Worker) and Beth (Behaviour Superstar).

In literacy this week, we finished off our letters to Sylvester McMonkey Mcbean. The children held town meetings to decide, as Sneetches, what they were going to do about the situation. They then drafted and edited their replies and just published their letters in their golden books this morning. They all did a great job and gave that rotten trickster a real piece of their minds! The letters have now been addressed and are ready to go out in the first post to Seuss City tomorrow morning. 
In maths, the children have been learning about fractions. we used tangerines to demonstrate our understanding of halves and quarters. The children then applied this understanding to shading in fractions of shapes. 

Children in Need


The children all looked fabulous today in their yellow or spotty outfits. We had a great day and raised lots of money. Thank you to all of the parents that kindly donated. The children danced their socks off and then had some fun activities in Burnaby with the rest of KS1. What a great way to end another fabulous week! 

The Christmas Show


Casting is well under way and the children have started rehearsing the songs for this year's Christmas show, 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas'. There are lots of songs to learn so as much practice as possible would really help the children learn. Please find the lyrics and links to the videos (in case anyone doesn't know the tune to Hey Jude).

Hey Grinch (to the tune of Hey Jude)

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree and Let it Snow

Autumn Term 2 Week 1


Award Winners

Well done to our award winners for week 1! They are Wentworth (Golden Citizen), Ishak (Whizzy Worker) and Rio (Behaviour Superstar)



This week in Literacy we received a letter from Sylvester McMonkey McBean ridiculing us for not learning our lesson as Sneetches. We are in the process of replying to him to tell him that he is completely wring and that we have learned lots of important lessons about friendship and equality. Here we are demonstrating our drama skills as we acted out the story of the Sneetches. 
In maths, we were using money to practice our repeated addition and multiplication skills. Next time you go shopping, hand over responsibility. I'm sure their maths skills will amaze you! 

Y2 trip to 'Mary and the Witches Flower'


All of the Y2s had a brilliant time on our enrichment trip to Cineworld at the Centerainment. They behaviour was immaculate and more than one passer by commented on how sensible and mature they were. We were all very proud of them!