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Autumn 2

This week we've had forest school - We've been working together in groups to make pyramids just like the Egyptians did!

Using our map reading skills to find coordinates around our school site.

Science lesson at King Edwards

We learnt in our Science lessoon at King Edwards how to use a bunsen burner. We also investigated physical and chemical changes. Using a bunsen burner we investigated a chemical change by testing if Hydrogen had been made by listening for the 'squeaky pop' sound!

Design and Technology

Year 5 have now been given a design breif for their D&T project this half term. 

"To design, make and evaluate a cams driven toy for an EYFS child to play with insipired by topics they're learning about"

This week we interviewed our target audience (children in foundation stage) and started designing our ideas. We also had some new focused tasks we practiced. Our focused tasks were to use a hand drill to drill a hole and to use a saw to safely cut wood. This was a new skill for a lot of children yet they listened carefully, followed instructions and were able to accurately complete the task.

Weston Park Museum

Year 5 had an amazing day out at Weston Park Museum last week. In the morning we explored Sheffield’s history and animals exhibition. In the afternoon, we had our Ancient Egyptian workshop where we learnt about the history of the two sarcophaguses in the museum. We also had opportunity to ask lots of quesitons and make our own amulets.

Hot news! Back by popular demand...Walkley's Got Talent!

Are you a dancer? A singer? Do you have skills? Can you make a rabbit disappear? Are your jokes epic? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes!", then you're just the kind of person we will need on Friday 16th December 2022, when you will have the chance to show off your talents to the rest of Key Stage 2. You can be a solo act or a group. You can mix it up with friends from other classes. All you need to do to take part is to give your class teacher some vital information by Friday 9th December;

Your own name, and those of other people in your act (and which class they're in), your act's name, what you will be doing and how long you think your performance will last. If you need music, please give us accurate information about the artist and the song/tune. There will be mats on the floor, but if you need anything else (e.g. a table or a chair), please also tell your teacher. You can only take part in one act.

If your act impresses the panel of (not very) scary judges, you might even win a prize!

We're looking forward to seeing what you've got!

Y5 Music_Aut 2 _ Jazz

Our end of unit music performance with added improvised parts in the middle.


This last half term, Y5 have been building up skills to design and make a moving toy to for an EYFS child. They worked in partners to research, design, make and evaluate their moving toy using a cam movement. Take a look at our final designs,which they've worked so hard on!

Final Products

Y5_D&T_Moving Toys

Our final designs of moving toys

FS2 children enjoying our moving toys!