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Autumn 2

Zog and the flying Doctors

This week we have been reading the story 'Zog and the Flying Doctors' . We tried to remember the first Zog story and the characters counting the dragons and thinking about their different colours. 

The children have made some fantastic dragons in the playdough thinking about what features they would need and practising different techniques to mould the body and head of the dragon. 



Look at the wonderful dragons we have made!

Here is a link to the BBC version of the story for you to watch at home. 

Zog and The Flying Doctors

Can you remember the ingredients needed to make the King better? I'll give you a clue there are 5 things to try and remember! Good Luck

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have not stopped so far this week and we're only part way through!

This week we have been continuing our learning about People Who Help Us, looking at Doctors and Nurses.

We have been extending our vocabulary and naming some of the equipment Doctors and Nurses use to look after us when we're sick. 

We have also been sharing our own experiences of going to see the Doctor or Nurse and even visits to the Hospital, thinking about what we saw, and how we were feeling. 


Our friend Peppa Pig also helped us find out more in her story

'Peppa Loves Doctors and Nurses'


Another key focus this week has been on enjoying Mark Making and Developing our Fine Motor Skills. 

And we've had fun with our new outside equipment!

On Friday, it was Pudsey Bear day or Children in Need Day. In the morning, the children did a treasure hunt to find some pictures of Pudsey. They also played Pudsey Pong , where they had to get a ping pong ball into a cup. Also, some of the Year 6 children came to read to Elmers, which the children really enjoyed! We even managed to have an impromptu jamming session with the instruments! They decided we should make a boy band, although I think I might be too old for that!

It has been an action packed week in Elmers. We have been making poppies from tissue paper to remember Armistice Day, doing some amazing writing, making different shapes with the playdough in Dough Disco. Also, we repeated the Firework Song and Dance for children who missed it last week!

This week, we have been discussing Fireworks Night. We talked about the different shapes ,colours and movement of Fireworks. We made up a song and used the musical instruments to mimic the sounds of the different Fireworks. Watch the clip below!

This week, we went on an adventure to Forest School . We found lots of interesting things on the Forest floor, such as chestnuts, berries, leaves and apples . The children did lots of good talking about the different objects and were able to say where they had come from and why they were on the ground.