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Autumn 2

Roman Day was a great highlight of the term. A Roman centurion taught us all about life in the Roman army. The Chayas practised marching in formation and recreated a battle. They explored what it would be like to be an archeologists and had the opportunity to handle old artefacts. They also enjoyed playing a range of games popular during Roman times.

In Computing, the Chayas are doing digital art. They have been exploring how to take and manipulate photos using the Freeform app.

Around the rain and play rehearsals, the Chayas did some outdoor learning. Inspired by The Boy, the Mole. the Fox and the Horse, they built some fantastic homes for woodland creatures.

The Chayas had a fantastic class-wide reward, using watercolours, oil pastels or charcoal to create artwork.

The Chayas had great fun taking part in the Bearpee Challenge and got creative, drawing Children in Need themed art.