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Autumn 2

This term we have been learning the basic of gymnastics in PE. The children learnt the 5 basic shapes: straight, tuck, star, straddle and pike.

The next lesson involved learning the gymnastic balances: V-Sit, Y-balance, Arabesque, crab, bridge and the single leg balance.

In Week 4 we took time out to think about what makes a good friend and how we should act with them online. We used our ICT skills to make a film explaining what makes a good friend. Try using the QR scanner on your phone and watch our film.

Week 3 involved training as fire fighters! London was burning and we needed to know how many buckets of water were needed. Was that bucket full? Empty? Half Full?

Week 2 was all about the nursery rhyme London's burning. We performed it for the class in pairs and then used instruments to keep the rhythm.

Week 1 began with a mystery in the woods! We need an archeologist...

Luckily the world famous Lord Botherington-Smythe and equally famous archeologist Howard Carter were in town!

The children explored the dig site using official archeological tools...

Many strange artifacts were discovered. The mystery deepened...

The clues that were found were a lot of toys, clothes and tools that were burnt! There were also burnt newspaper clippings from London dated 2nd September 1666. No one knew what these meant so it was decided that we would do some research on the internet. To everyone's amazement we found there was an event that stunned the nation called 'The Great Fire of London'!