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Autumn 2

Code and Play

Today in the Computer Suite, we are going to explore coding through play using Google's Santa Tracker. Take a look at home and see what you can learn for yourself!

Anglo-Saxon Villages


This half-term, we are going to be exploring Anglo-Saxon village life in detail. 


We have already engaged in a drama, in which we have taken on the role of a group of Angles, who have struck out on their own to find a patch of the British Isles to call home. So far, the children have imagined that they were tasked with scouting out a suitable location for a new settlement. During this task, they needed to evaluate proximity to a water source, fuel source, food source, as well as how defensible the land would be and how it provides shelter from the elements.


As the drama continues, we will learn about what an Anglo-Saxon village would need as we design the village itself. We will learn about jobs, medicine, entertainment and the roles of men, women and children.


You can get ahead of the pack with some home-learning from BBC Bitesize

Curriculum Overview