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Daily Jobs & Stories

FS2 Independence

Daily Learning Challenges

Some of these will be easy, some won't be yet... so that is why we keep on trying and doing our best! 


Try to get dressed by yourself.

Can you make your own breakfast?

What day is it today? What day was it yesterday? What day is it tomorrow? 

Put your coat on and do the zip up 3 times during the day... you obviously don't need to go anywhere! 

Can you try putting gloves on? 

 Look at the weather through the window. You are a weather reporter and tell someone in your family what you can see.

Put your shoes on the right feet.

Spread the butter on your toast or even make a sandwich. 

Can you do any washing up? 

Tidy up time - adults put the tidy up music on and see what happens!

Write your full name every day.