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Our vision for History in the Walkley curriculum is that children will be able to access a balanced, stimulating curriculum which encourages pupils to respect and understand people’s different backgrounds, heritage and religion. The Walkley curriculum is about being more accurate, more inclusive and interculturally responsive. Through History, we teach children to understand different points of view, explore how we have arrived at societal injustices and to learn from the mistakes of the past in order to make better decisions for the future.


The key concepts taught and assessed in history can be split into 2 groups:

Substantive concepts:

  • Chronology
  • Civilization
  • Monarchy
  • Empire
  • Parliament
  • Living standards
  • Church
  • Invasion


Disciplinary concepts:

  • Significance - How do historians decide what was important?
  • Similarity and Difference - How do historians compare within the same time period?
  • Cause and Consequence - How do historians explain how one thing led to another?
  • Continuity and Change - How do historians observe how things change over time?
  • Enquiry - How do historians use sources to gather evidence of the past?
  • Interpretation - How do historians use evidence to form interpretations?