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Home Learning

Your child will bring home a Read, Write Inc. book that directly links to the text they are reading in school and sounds which they are learning. They should be able to read most of the words in the book by using Fred Talk (sounding out) if they are unsure. On the second time of reading the book at home, please encourage fluency in their reading, by recalling words they know or using Fred Talk in their head. By the third reading of their book at home they are working on expression and using any punctuation in their tone of voice, such as use of a question or exclamation mark. Please practise the words or sounds at the start of the book and discussion prompts at the end of the book to develop their comprehension skills. 


These books will be changed in school at least once or twice a week, depending on the level of book they are on. Please ensure that their book and reading record is in their bookbag every day in order to read them in school and so that they are available to change them as required. Please record any information about your child's reading every time you read with them at home. 


In addition to Read, Write, Inc. books, pupils will take home an exciting story book each week to share with an adult at home to inspire a love of reading. These are swapped each Friday in class.


Home Lending Parent Booklets

These booklets have been designed to help you help your child enjoy learning to read at home, using the Read, Write Inc, pure sounds and green words. We aim to provide you with clear information about how we teach children to read through a carefully planned, quality taught phonic approach and how this can be enhanced with your support at home.

We aim to help create a positive ‘learning to read’ experience for you and your child at home; ultimately, working together to help your child make progress and read with fluency, accuracy and most importantly, enjoyment.