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Mastering Number

What is Mastering Number?



Across Reception and KS1, we have implemented the Mastering Number maths project. This project aims to secure firm foundations in the development of good number sense for all children from Reception through to Year 1 and Year 2. The aim over time is that children will leave KS1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number. Attention will be given to key knowledge and understanding needed in Reception classes, and progression through KS1 to support success in the future.

Mastering Number is a new programme offered to schools by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) and the Maths Hubs Network. It aims to develop solid number sense, including fluency and flexibility with number facts, which will have a lasting impact on future learning for all children. It also involves high quality professional development for teachers.

The project is delivered by teachers who deliver a daily session of 10 to 15 minutes in addition to their daily maths lesson. We use the provided resources such as: lesson plans, visual resources and practical equipment to ensure consistency with the training our staff have received. Central to the programme is a small, abacus-like piece of equipment called a rekenrek, which is provided to the school to use.

Our aim is to provide our children with the automaticity, rapid recollection and confidence with basic number facts e.g. subitising, number bonds within 20, odd and even, addition and subtraction, enabling our children to enter KS2 with these key fundamental strategies solidified within their long term memory.