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Mulan - Decisions for a digital 5 a day diet

The theme for this term's PSHE / online safety builds on the learning undertaken last year on safeguarding our physical and mental health and wellbeing with the digital 5 a day diet. We all want to use our devices, play our video games, watch TV and DVDs but what happens when it starts to affect our health? Particularly our mental health and well-being? What can people do to maintain a healthy balance to support their desire for screen time?  Contrary to the expectations placed on girls of the time to marry and make a home for their husbands, Mulan makes a decision to protect her father and take his place in the Chinese army. 


We are all faced with decisions, so when phones, social media, games and even homework make us feel worried, stressed and or become addictive, it often means that we haven’t got the balance quite right. Finding the right digital balance means enjoying all the fun, exciting and creative things about being online while making sure that we aren’t caught doing the same things all the time. Screen time should be focused on active use, not passive screen time, balanced with a variety of offline activity.

Digital 5-a-day Diet Work Celebration Assembly

On Wednesday 4th March we had the opportunity to see all the great work undertaken across school reminding us to be mindful, get creative, connect with people, give to others and be active. Take a look at the incredible work below: