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Music at Home 5

Here are this week's resources from Sheffield Music Hub. Next week, these will be found here in the new section of the website.  Don't forget you can share your videos or photos of you taking part in these activities here. We'd love to see what you get up to!

Song on the Week

Sheffield Music Hub Vocal Music Leader Charlotte Broadbent has tailored her song of the week with with some fun and active warm ups and the song 'Bella Mama'.

Charlotte Broadbent Primary Schools Singalong

Challenge of the week

Introducing Our Street Our Song's Project, The Factory Worker! This is MOONEY WAINWRIGHT with a challenge that is working on beat keeping and rhythms using your whole body in the most fun and engaging way. Can you do all of the actions at the same time? 

The Factory Worker Song

This is MOONY WAINWRIGHT singing one of the traditional/well known songs enjoyed by the children during the OUR STREET OUR SONG project. OUR STREET OUR SONG ...

Music at Home 4

Song on the Week

This weeks' song comes from Music Leader Peter Taylor. Spending time reading during lockdown is a great way to pass the time.  So is singing! We hope you enjoy learning the song 'I like books' this week.   

Primary School Singalong 4

Out of the Ark song link: And the resources for the song:

Challenge of the Week

Caroline Hallam has come up with a short challenge for you this week - Rhythm vs Beat!  Click on the video below and join in! 

At Home Challenge of the week

Caroline Hallam brings you your at home challenge of the week-this week a rhythm challenge.



Today's signpost is an exciting one - for the first time since schools closed, you can now sign up as a new member of one of our choirs, completely free of charge! 

Festival Choir

Tuesdays 3.30pm-4.30pm  
Choir Leader - 
Laura Steelyard  
Age - Y3-Y6 
Price - No charge 

This is an exciting, safe space for children to get singing, moving and performing! Music Hub are working on songs for group recordings as well as making sure there is time to socialise and gel as a group. Each activity is fun, engaging and really easy to take part in so no experience is necessary. The current members have been excited about the new virtual challenges so we are really pleased we can take the next step of inviting new members to join us!  
For more information and to sign up 
click here

Music at Home 3
Week beginning 1st June

Here are the new resources from Sheffield Music for you to have a go at so that you can get singing and connect with music at home. You can click here to upload any photos or videos of you taking part in any of the activities - we'd love to hear from you!

KS2 Song of the Week 
This weeks' song comes from Music Vocal Leader Caroline Hallam. Caroline uses exciting warm ups, gets your brain working with ‘Alive Alert Awake’ and finishes with the uplifting piece 'I'm Gunna Shine'


The link for the song and resources:

Challenge of the Week - Suitable for any age! 
Laura Steelyard is back with her challenge and this week it's Body Percussion! Create your own body percussion using a really simple step-by-step method.

At home music challenge week 3 Body Percussion

Music at Home 2

Week beginning 18th May

Here are this week’s resources from Sheffield Music Hub so that you can get singing and connect with music at home. You can click here to upload any photos or videos of you taking part in any of the activities - we'd love to hear from you!


Song of the Week

This video includes a fun warm up and step by step learning of the song 'Sing Together'.  To learn and sing the full version click here

Primary School Singalong Week 2

Pete Taylor with your Week 2 Singalong Video Out of the Ark links for this are: and https://www....

Challenge of the Week
This week it is about composing lyrics. This explains your challenge of creating your own words for songs.

At Home Music Challenge of the week-Week 2

Laura Steelyard with your week 2 challenge!

Click here for lots of ideas on enjoying music at home. You can sing along with lots of well-known songs and have the chance to learn some new ones. There are also lots of ideas for musical activities at home for you to enjoy with your family.

Music at Home 1

Week beginning 11th May

Here are a selection of brand new resources prepared for you by the Sheffield Music Hub that we'd like to share so that you can get singing and connect with music at home! You can click here to upload any photos or videos of you taking part in any of the tasks - we'd love to hear from you!


Song of the Week

Click on the video to follow a fun warm up, similar to how we start our Thursday Sing Assemblies, to get you ready to sing.  Pete then teaches a section of a song called  'I have a Song to Sing' that you can join in with.

Primary Schools Singalong 1

You can find the links to Out of The ark below: "I Have a song to sing" The PDF file:

Challenge of the Week - Mood Music
Do you remember the trip we went on to watch the amazing Halle Orchestra Concert at the City Hall? This challenge links to the theme of that concert - how music is linked to our mood and feelings.  For this, you will need some way of listening to music e.g. Spotify, YouTube, CD etc.  Your challenge is to find music that make you feel something.  Watch this video from Laura to find out more.

Music At Home Challenge of the Week

Music Challenge of the week set by Laura Steelyard

Body Percussion

This video from Beat Goes On teaches how you can use your body to make rhythms and beats by using some really simple call and response techniques. Everyone in the house can do it! 

'Body Beats' - online body percussion session


  • There's a FREE online Music Festival presented by Music in the Round  taking place this Friday and Saturday (15th and 16th May).  Each day is filled with performances and talks and there are 2 amazing family events for you to take part in at home. Click here for more information.
  • Concerteenies - Hosted by Polly Ives featuring Ensemble 360's violinist BENJAMIN NABARRO and cellist GEMMA ROSEFIELD - approx 25 minutes on Friday 15 May at 11am. 

Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom - A recording from last year's production of this amazing show with a live commentary and chat with Polly Ives will be shown on Saturday 16 May at 11am.You can watch these events via the Music in the Round YouTube page here.