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Hello Year 4s! 

I hope you have all had a great week. I mentioned in my post last week that there would be changes to our home learning blogging. You will still be receiving quality home learning, but from Monday this will be found in a different place on the website and it will be produced by the very capable 'Team Blog' aka Miss Travis, Miss Kendall and Mr Rist as we are in school teaching. You will still receive daily maths lessons, guided reading with 3 tasks, a 2 week write, SPaG and spellings, get active ideas, weekly music lessons and weekly creative tasks. I'm sure this will be more than enough to keep you busy and engaged! The new home learning section is hard to miss! It can be found by clicking on 'class pages' then 'Upper key stage 2' where the yellow star is very obvious that you need to click on to access the pages OR by clicking HERE to access the new LKS2 Blog.

There will still be a message weekly on the class pages from your teachers to keep in contact.

Take Care

The Year 4 team.

Monday 15th June

I hope you have all had a good weekend. Mine mainly consisted of going on jogs and catching up with some family (keeping our 2m apart of course!).

Things will start to change a little bit on our home learning pages from next week as all the staff return to teaching their full hours in school. Don’t worry, we have a plan to make sure we are still delivering quality home learning to you all. Work may be delivered by a different member of staff in a slightly different way. We will keep you up to date and your parents will receive an email about the changes soon. We are also still keen to share in the work you are producing.

This week, in maths Monday-Wednesday will be me (Miss Kendall) delivering some decimals work with White Rose worksheets, then it will be over to Miss Travis Thursday-Friday with some time work.

For your Literacy this week, there is a SPAG focus on adverbs and fronted adverbials. 

Guided Reading will take you to an interactive story followed by 3 guided reading tasks.

I've had a few emails about ideas to help with spelling so if you take a look on the spelling page there are some links to websites and games to play.

Let’s not forget Fathers Day is coming up (Sunday 21st) so perhaps you can make your dad or grandad a card. Take a look at the ‘other creative activities’ page to see some ideas!

Have a fab week,

Miss Kendall

Monday 1st June

I hope you have all had a fantastic half term and had chance to get out and enjoy the sun!

This week I managed to do some painting in my garden and I make some Pom Poms for my new project.. a Pom Pom rug!! (Which can be found in 'Other creative activities')

Our online learning will be back to normal this week with new maths activities every day from either myself or Miss Travis, including a new Guided Reading and Literacy task every week. Also, don't forget to browse across other pages on the Fantastic Foxes blog for other fun curriculum based learning! 

This weeks learning is focused on the Space X launch that happened this weekend so direct yourself to the Guided Reading page to get started..

You may have noticed a new music tab.  All the Sheffield Music Hub resources can now be found there for you use to get involved with music at home.  There are some new resources this week which includes learning some body percussion!

Keep me updated with what you are doing at home by sending in your work to or by completing the Google Forms. Its fantastic to see what you've all been up to. 

Miss Kendall

Friday 22nd May

I must say firstly, it was lovely for myself, Mr Evans and Miss Travis to speak to some of you on the phone over the last week. I hope it brought some happiness into your day as I know it did ours!

Today is the last day of the half term so I will not be adding any work to the blog until Monday 1st of June. You will still be able to access the tasks already set if you want to catch up with any you have missed – there are some great ideas on the ‘Other Creative Activities’ page that you might enjoy trying. I suggest just taking another good browse on the blog as there are some new updated tasks. 

Try and make the most of daily outdoor time. Exercise and fresh air is really good for your physical and mental health, just remember to social distance to keep yourselves safe. Maybe you could look out for any wildlife you can spot while you’re out and about? 

Take care and bye for now – but we will be back soon with some more fun filled learning for you!

Stay safe,

The Year 4 Team


Mr Evans 2

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Hello Year 4!

Heather (our violin teacher) has given everyone in Fantastic Foxes their very own Charanga account. 

To read more about how access this website look on --Other Creative Activities--

Mr Evans says Hello!!!

Welcome back Year 4! 14.4.20

Miss Kendall here!

I hope that you’ve had a relaxing Easter break. We’ve all been getting used to doing things a little bit differently but I hope you are still happy, healthy and staying positive. Over Easter, I’ve been doing lots of exercise and cooking. If you keep checking the blog you might even get to see what I’ve been making with some recipes to follow…

Why don’t you ask an adult to email with pictures of what you’ve been up the last two weeks. Hopefully I can then post them on our school blog so you can see each other and share ideas.

I will be posting maths activities every day for you to try at home along with other curriculum ideas based around our Year 4 topics. Take a look around the blog at the different pages and try some of them!

Easter Holidays. 27.3.20

Hello Year 4, 

I hope your all being true Fantastic Foxes at home. 

I'm missing teaching you and it feels very strange not seeing you every day. I'm sure some of you are feeling the same and are starting to miss our huge classroom and friends but try to keep yourselves busy and occupied with exciting activities. Just like I've been doing by cleaning my house from top to bottom (Ok- maybe you wont find that exciting...). Anyway, over the Easter Holidays I wont be posting on the school blog but I've given you plenty of resources you can use to spark ideas for things you can create and make. Most of these activities can be found by clicking on the icons above but the Easter tasks are on 'Other Creative Activities'. You also have the Learning Log from Mrs Sian and Mr Wallis that can be found below to support you with your learning. Why don't you try keeping a diary of everything you've been up to? Or make and design a folder to keep all of your work in? You can then share them with your classmates when we're back at school. Myself and Mr Evan's can't wait to hear what you've been up to. As I've mentioned before, if you want to share anything you've made or something your proud of from a story you've written to some research you've found interesting on the vikings or even if you have any questions get an adult to email in at where it will be sent to me. 

You will be hearing from me next on Tuesday 14th April where I will continue to post daily maths tasks and other fun activities. I hope your continuing to be a Golden Citizen every day by being helpful, kind and supportive. Keep positive, smiley and most importantly happy!

Miss Kendall and Mr Evans


Useful links

During these strange times there are a lot of people out there to help you at home. People you know and celebrities! 

Are you normally a Cheerleader? Well Amy is running her clubs from HOME! Click on the link below to find out more.


To Fantastic Foxes,


I will be posting on our school blog with daily maths activities and challenges along with links to videos and websites for other fun learning activities based around our curriculum, so keep posted!

On your Home Learning Log, emailed to you by Mr Wallis and Mrs Sian there are also lots of exciting activities I recommend you give a try, especially the writing tasks following the 10 step approach.

I want you to know all staff at Walkley Primary School will be thinking of you and were going to miss seeing your faces every day. However, you can still keep in contact and keep us posted with your amazing learning at home. If you get stuck on a task, we are here to help! Or if you want to share any exciting home learning activities please ask an adult to contact us on the school email address:  Always stay positive and keep up your Fantastic Fox attitude to learning at home. I look forward to hearing about what you've been up and can't wait to see you when were all back in school.

Why don't you spread the love and practise your drawing skills by clicking on the link below to follow the video on

 'How to draw a hug'.

- Miss Kendall and Mr Evans



How To Draw A Hug!

In class this week, we came up with lots of different ways we can keep learning at home (see below) so, why don't you make a start!