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Weekly Science

Wednesday 17th June

Hi guys don't forget that from next week out science activities will be appearing on the post lockdown page which will feature work from both FS2 classes. 

So getting back to nature this week.

As we are now in Summer our world is looking a lot more colourful. I thought this week it would be nice for you to explore some of the natural objects you can find around you and talk about them with your families.

This week's activity is to make a Nature Shadow Box.

The instructions on how to make one are below. I will be making these tomorrow with Aggie and Arthur so we will share our finished results with you.

Please send me some pictures of your nature boxes and tell me about the objects you have found to put in them.




Try to find a selection of different objects.

What you might want to talk about

What is it?

Where does it come from?

What is it's job?

What colour is it?

What does it smell like?

Where did you find it?

How did it get there?

What is it called?

Monday 8th June.

Happy rainy Monday guys.

What terrible weather!

What Science can we do in such yucky, rainy weather?

I can remember doing some lovely puddle science with you guys when we were back at school.

This week we're going to make a cloud in a jar.

Watch the video below to see how to do it.

I've also added another video to show you how to make rain in a jar too. I'm really sorry but I can't do this one at my house as we don't have shaving foam. If you do though, please have a go and add a video or a photo so that I can see it and put it on the blog.




Monday 1st June

Hi everyone. I hope you've had a great half term.

How did you get on with the boat challenge?

This is what we found out.

OK, so this week because it's been soooooo HOT outside we are going to learn.....

How to make ICECREAM in a bag!!!

Watch the video, have a go and tell me if it worked.

Send me some pictures of your favourite flavours. I can't wait to try it.

How To! - HOW To Make Ice Cream in a Bag

Friday 22nd May

Hello everyone I the weather seems to have changed yet again but it's perfect for a science CHALLENGE!

Who can make the best boat?

It must...

- Float

   - Not let your toy get wet

- Be able to move across the water without falling over


Things to think about.


What different materials will float?

Which materials are water proof?

It the material light or heavy?


Take a look at our video and see what we found around our house to try. You might want to try the same things or you might decide to try different things. It's entirely up to you.

We're going to test ours out at bath time tonight but I'm betting that lots of you have you paddling pools out am I right? Please be careful playing in and around the water. Make sure your grown up is helping you out this time. 

Good luck!

Please fill in the form below and upload any pictures of the science you have been doing I love seeing what you've been up to.

Have a great half term guys.

Tuesday 12th May

Hi guys. Hasn't the weather been yucky this week. It's been cold and wet so we have been trying to think of things that we can do inside. I was searching the internet for ideas and came across this great video that I thought you might like. Mr Bloom makes Cress Head characters. I think I'm going to have a go at making them with my children. It would be lovely to see yours too.

Please if you can take a picture of them you make one and we can share them with you friends on here. You can upload your pictures on the form below where it says 'comments'

Happy Planting!

CBeebies: Mr Bloom's Nursery - Make a Cress Head

CBeebies: Make a cress head with Mr Bloom! Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-schooler in a ...

What happened next?

Hi guys. Thanks for not telling Aggie and Arthur. They were so surprised when they saw what I had done.

Thank you Agatha for having a go at the questions. Guess what, you were absolutely right. The water did turn to ice and I loved your idea to pour over hot water and then cover it with your cycle helmet. That would certainly keep the heat in to melt the ice. Great thinking yes

Now watch the next video to see the different ways they tried to get their toys back and also have a think yourself about which method you might used if by any chance a sneaky grown up traps your toys in ice.

I do have a couple of questions for you to think about as well, so after you've watched the video, click on the form below and see if you can answer them.

I'll also be uploading another video to show you just how quickly different things can melt ice and we can then see if there is anything better that Agatha and Arthur could have used instead. Take care hope you're having lots of fun.

My Movie

A Frozen Adventure

Hi guys, still missing you lots and hope you're all okay. I got a bit sneaky with this week's science and decided not to tell Aggie and Arthur. I've waited until they've gone out for their walk and guess what... I've frozen two of their toys, He he he he!

Here's a video of what I've done so far and there will be more to come in the adventure. Maybe you could have a go at freezing some of your toys and join in the experiment with us.

Don't forget to send me some pictures of what you've been doing, I'd really love to see you guys and, see if you can answer my special questions on the form below.

Will they escape?

Butterfly, Butterfly

Hi Seashells I hope had a great week last week and enjoyed having a go at growing some rainbows.

This week I thought we'd look at something else beautiful and colourful. I have been spending lots of time in my garden and walking in the countryside. I'm sure lots of you have too.

Have you noticed all the lovely Butterflies that have appeared?

We have too. Aren't they beautiful.

This week I thought we'd do some hunting and some art work for our science.

I have uploaded a picture of some common butterflies you might find in your gardens or on your walks. You could print this off if you have printer, or just get a grown up to take a picture of it on the blog with their phone. Take the picture outside with you and if you spot a Butterfly look carefully at it's colours and see if you can identify which one it is.

Did you know that Butterflies wings are both exactly the same. This is called Symmetry. To link to your science I have also uploaded a video of my children making a painted butterfly and how to make sure the wings are symmetrical.

Can you make a painted Butterfly with symmetrical wings? I wonder if you could make one with the same patterns as one that you have spotted? That would be so cool!

I'd love to see them so please if you can email them for me to have a look.

See you soon and happy hunting.


27 April 2020

British Butterflies

How to Grow a Rainbow!

Hi everyone hope you are enjoying your time with your families and had a very happy Easter. As a family we have been going on walks around our village rainbow spotting. There are loads of them and I'm pretty sure some of you have already made some.

This week my children and I had a go at growing a rainbow. I know, crazy. How can you grow a rainbow? Well take a look at our video and have a go for yourselves.

I'd love to see some of them if you could send me a picture that would be great.

See you soon.

How to grow a Rainbow

Hi guys, Mrs English here.

I hope you're all keeping well and doing lots of fun things. I know things are a little different at the moment and I bet you're starting to get a little bit annoyed with people telling you to wash your hands all the time, but it really does work.

Here is a little video to show you how much germs really hate soap. You could try it at home too it's really easy. I am missing our science lessons so so much so I hope you like watching and I'll try and think of some more crazy science experiments for you to try out as well.

See you all soon!

Germs Hate Soap