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Sheffield - It's Alreeyt, tha' knows!

​​​​​​Since yesterday was going to be our last day together for a while, the two Year 5 classes combined and spent some time transplanting the spider plant cuttings we had taken during our science lessons this half term. We hope some of these will be given as Mother's Gifts tomorrow and will be enjoyed for a few years to come (spider plants seem to be pretty indestructible!)

Our last day together 'for a bit'.

Peak District National Park

Longdendale Environmental Centre

The Skywalkers had a great day today as guests of the Peak District National Park Rangers. We discussed the impact of climate change on some of the wildlife found in the Dark Peak - birds, mammals and insects.

The Skywalkers worked as teams to find camouflaged mountain hares, nectar for bilberry bumblebees and nests for curlews, and then used information about each animal to crack the code to a padlock on a mystery box.

Inside the boxes were seeds and pledge cards, as well as a special treat!

After lunch, we discovered the amazing ability of moss to retain water and how it can be used to repair areas of peat which have been damaged by erosion (walkers' boots) or wildfire.

Finally, we considered how our activities contribute (or don't...) to global warming by thinking about the carbon footprint of various activities.

Thanks to the rangers for their time, the seeds and for the special book we were given as a gift for the class - we can't wait to explore it further!

A day at Longdendale

Discussing the impact of climate change
Mountain hare relay
Spot the camouflaged hares
And the winners are...
Helping the bilberry bumblebee
Looking for nectar and pollen
Ground nesting curlews
The impact of wildfire
A muddy walk back for lunch
Or a leap
Cracking the code
Moss soaks up a lot of water
And can help repair erosion and fire damage
How big is our carbon footprint?

Halle at the Hall

Waiting patiently on the steps in the sunshine
A beautiful venue
Warming up
And the performance begins