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Spring 1


We have been reading the story Meet Me By The Steelmen which is set in Meadowhall. One of the main characters 

 - Jenny faces a dilemma as to whether she should travel back to the steelworks to rescue her brother Stevie or is she should stay in the safety of Meadowhall. We carried out a conscience alley to help Jenny make her decision!


Here is the sound file and lyrics for the song 'Believe' which we will be preforming on our trip to watch the Halle Orchestra. Have a listen and try to sing along at home. Maybe you could teach it to your family? It's a really empowering song to help us to believe we can achieve our goals if have faith in ourselves.
This week we looked at the history of Sheffield and placed significant events on a time line. The Varjak Paws worked collaboratively and produced informative timelines. 

Chinese New Year dancing!

This week, we have been continuing our work on persuading more tourists to visit Sheffield. We have been looking at examples of a persuasive text and using ideas from this to improve our own vocabulary and knowledge of Sheffield attractions. We used a model of 'talk for writing' and came up with illustrations, captions and actions to help us remember some of the words and phrases that would later help us. The children then taught their actions to others to deeper imbed the ideas. I'm sure their writing is going to be fantastic and would convince anyone to come and visit Sheffield! 

We have also started work on Fractions and have been using maths manipulatives in the form of cubes to give us a concrete understanding of how fractions are equal parts of a whole. You can help your children further by dividing real objects such as pizzas and cakes as real life fractions opportunities. 

The Varjak Paws have had a fantastic start to the new year and have jumped straight back into the 'learning zone' with both feet!

In literacy, we have begun writing persuasive texts to persuade more tourists to visit Sheffield. We started by working in groups to write a persuasive speech to convince others on the subject of pet ownership. The children worked well together and thought of  very strong arguments to support their opinions. 

we then looked at an example of a persuasive text, 'Welcome to Sheffield' and used it to create a visual map of all the attractions that Sheffield has to offer. The children created eye-catching and clear maps that really highlight all of Sheffield's greatest attractions.