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Spring 1

Week 6

Well done to last week's Golden Book winners! You are all amazing and we are so proud of you!

Well done to the wonderful anansi class for yet another completed class wide reward chart! To celebrate their achievements we had an art party in the creative zone (contrary to false rumours of a pyjama party wink

We had a great time using different resources whilst chatting and singing. I already can't wait for the next party!

Y1 Anansi Class Wide Reward Art Party

In maths this week we have been finding the difference using subtraction. We compared amounts to see which was more and then broke off the difference to work out how much more. 

As scientists, we have been describing the properties of different materials. We collected lots of objects from around school and then investigated how they felt and looked. We matched these to describing words to help us make links between how some materials feel. 

As it is Children's mental health week, we have been looking at the fantastic book, Barbara Throws a Wobbler in guided reading. We discussed different bad moods that occur and the situations that provoke them. We then thought about ways that we could calm ourselves down. We drew pictures of our bad moods and reflected on experiences that have created our own WOBBLERS!

Week 5

Well done to last week's Golden Book winners! You are all amazing and we are so proud of you!

In maths this week, we have been looking at subtraction. We started by using counters and tens frames to take objects away and then moved on to counting back along a number line. The Anansi class showed brilliant understadning of subtraction and know that you always need to end up with less! 

When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)

WHEN YOU SUBTRACT WITH A PIRATE...Subtraction song for kids!Enjoy! Can my class perform a "H...

In science we have continued learning about materials and their properties. We searched around the school for examples of different materials and discussed why things are built with certain materials. Why are our windows made of wood? Why isn't our school built out of glass? Great scientific discussions were had!

Materials And Their Properties

Every single object is made of different materials that have observable properties. This Miniclip sorts and groups materials based on observable properties s...

Week 4

Well done to last week's Golden Book winners! You are all amazing and we are so proud of you!

We continued our learning about Space this week with some detailed drawings of the solar system. first we ordered the planets and then we drew scientific diagrams, focusing on size, shape and spacing. We of course used our favourite planets song to help us remember the order!

The Planets of our Solar System Song (featuring The Hoover Jam)

A song to help students identify and learn about the eight planets in our solar system. The Hoover Jam:!...

Week 3

Well done to last week's Golden Book winners! You are all amazing and we are so proud of you!

This week we created Chinese New Year posters to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. We all worked very hard and then I selected 3 outstanding pieces of work to be presented for the Chinese New Year Art Competition for schools. I think you will agree that they are all fantastic and it will be a very difficult decision!

In maths this week we have been learning to count on from a given number to help make us more efficient when adding. We have practiced putting the bigger number in our head and then counting on the smaller amount. We played games with dice and dominoes to help us practice this new skill. 

In guided reading we have been looking at the wonderful book, Lost and Found  by Oliver Jeffers. We thought about what the Penguin and Boy might have said to each other when they first met and acted out the conversations. 

Week 2

Well done to last week's Golden Book winners! You are all amazing and we are so proud of you!

This week we are in forest school and so in maths we used natural materials to compare amounts. We made two amounts using loose materials from the forest and then used sticks to make the 'more than', 'less than' or 'equal to' symbols.

We incorporated our space theme into our forest school time and tried to act in role as the astronauts in the moon landing! We blasted off and then moved around as though we were on the moon.  We then used our engineering skills to mad=ke rockets using sticks. 

Anansi Mission to the Moon!

For science this week, we used our senses to see what we could discover in the forest school area. We looked carefully and closed our eyes to help us to listen clearly. The only sense we didn't use was taste! 

Week 1


Well done to the last Golden Book winners of 2021! You are all amazing and we are so proud of you!

Happy New Year! We have had a fantastic start to 2022 in Anansi class with a launch of our new topic, Space! The children shared some incredible facts that they already knew and then we learned the planets of the solar system and the order in relation to the sun. They worked collaboratively to create a representation of the solar system using oil pastels. We also watched some of the Storybots songs to learn some other cool facts about the planets. Please find the link to the outer space songs underneath.

StoryBots Outer Space | Planets, Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars | Solar System Super Song | Fun Learning

The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live beneath our screens, offering a world of learning and fun for kids. The Emmy Award-winning "Ask the Story...

In maths, we have been looking at how to represent numbers to 20 in different ways. We used tens frames and counters to show how we can break teen numbers into tens and ones.