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Spring 1

To develop their understanding, the children used counters and place value charts to practise multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.

As one of our Design Technology focus tasks, the Chayas learned how to sew on a button. As their other focus task, they developed their stitching skills, attempting running stitch, overstitch and back stitch. While these tasks required some resilience, we were blown away by the children's work!

In Design Technology, we are creating a 3D shape using textiles. Before designing and making our own 3D textile piece, we started by exploring how commercially make toys were constructed: we looked at the different 2D shapes which made up the 3D toy, we considered how the pieces were joined together and if any embellishments had been added.

Despite the chilly weather, the Chayas enjoyed developing their throwing skills as part of their athletics PE unit.