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Spring 1

Week 1

3D shape song

The children have thrown themselves into revising and learning different 2 Dimensional (2D) and 3 Dimensional (3D) shapes. Well done for knowing the names of the shapes and counting their vertices!

Great exploration of 2D and 3D shapes here!

The children have begun their history topic, "People who have made a positive change over the last 150 years". Here is a great interactive BBC game which looks at Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Emmeline Pankhurst. (Please ignore the Guy Fawkes game!)

In Science, the children were pairing animals and their young. Well done for good communication and knowledge!

One of our PE topics for this term is gymnastics. The children did and excellent job learning and performing poses such as the tuck, straddle, star and dish. Great determination and flexibility were on display!

The class did a great job of writing questions for the wolf in the Red Riding Hood story who claimed he was innocent and that the whole incident was a misunderstanding. The children asked probing questions and then decided if the wolf was trustworthy or not!

Week 2

In English we are currently planning our diary write which is from the point of view of "Little Red Riding Hood." Here are two great clips of this traditional tale!

Little Red Riding Hood - Kids Stories - LearnEnglish Kids British Council

Suffragettes explained | Who were they?

In history we have been learning about Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragette movement who stood for equal rights and helped women to be able to vote in UK general elections. The children did a great job of creating a time line which showed the key events of the suffragette struggle.

British Council: Emmeline Pankhurst

The story of Emmeline Pankhurst with narration by the British Council.

In RE we have been learning about where and how muslims pray. It was great to see children learn and share their knowledge about Islam. We also started to prepare questions for a special visitior who will come to Y2 to answer questions about Islam.

In PE we did gymnastic poses and used the apparatus. Well done to all!

In computing we have started to plan and make branching databases! Great team work was on display. Below is a link to make your own branch database using the excellent j2data website!

Week 3

The hodgehegs have started to look at money in maths. Here they are finding different coin combinations to make 10p, 20p and 50p.

In PE today, we learnt how to pass and receive the ball using the side of our foot. Well done all for excellent and accurate football skills.

In computing we made more complex branching data bases using 6 items, many "Yes or No" questions and added backgrounds.

In history, we have continued to learn about the Suffragette movement and its leader Emmeline Pankhurst. Today we looked at how in the UK many people's opinions of women in the past were very different to present day. The children completed a table in pairs deciding which opinion was from before World War 1 (1914) or from the present day. Views on what women could and couldn't do radically changed during and after World War 1 as lots of women supported the war effort and did many jobs such as being police officers, fire fighters, mechanics and farmers. After the war, women over 30 years old were finally allowed to vote and in 1928 all women over 21 were able to vote in UK elections making this equal to men's voting rights.

In music, we used the glokenspiels to play the notes B,G,A,E to the "Friendship Song." Well done all for using your beater correctly and playing the notes so crisply!

Hi Hodgehegs! Britain's birds need you! The Big Garden Birdwatch weekend is here! From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th January, you can join in by setting aside one hour to count the birds in your area. There are plenty of resources available online, to make sure you and your families can take part no matter what space you have available. Click here to find out more:

Week 4

Here are the class making larger amounts of money using pound coins and pence and investigating different coin combinations to make amounts. Well done future accountants!

Revolting Rhymes_ Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Our Star group have really enjoyed studying and reciting this Roald Dahl classic!

In art, the children have looked at the work of the Japanese artist Hokusai. We have looked at how he uses different shading and line techniques to create a feeling of movement and texture.

Science | KS1 | Animal life cycles | BBC Teach

In Science, we are ;earning about the life cycles of different animals such as frogs, butterflies, chickens and humans. Here is a great BBC clip on the subject!

The hodgehegs were lucky to be part of a PE workshop on skipping skills. Here they are waiting for the "magic click" and jumping with two feet!

The hodhegs did a great job getting into different positions to balance on one foot with a partner.

Week 5

Here are the class's branch databases. The children chose 6 objects (For example different animals or fantasy characters)and then sorted them using a variety of "Yes/No" questions which then built a tree like data base. Great communication and organisational skills were witnessed by myself and Miss Edge!

The class wrote superb diary entries where they imagined they were Red Riding Hood on the fateful day the wolf came to visit her grandma's home. Their writing was full of exciting sentences, full stops, posessive apostrophes and lovely, clear handwriting. Please have a look below at a selection of their work.

Here are the class working on their balance and flexibility in gymnastics. Well done for using the apparatus and benches so well!

The class had their reward for a 100 points. We chose to have a pizza party. The children enjoyed making their pizzas with a variety of toppings such as cheese, olives and pineapple chunks. Let's have a look at these gastronomic delights!