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Spring 2

What a fun packed few days on our year 6 residential at Kingswood outdoor activity centre! We have been extremely busy the last three days with some challenging activities (and weather!). When we arrived we quickly dropped our bags off and went straight into our first activity - the nightline. This involved all the children being blind folded and completing a very muddy, wet and tricky obstacle course. The children had to crawl through cages, army crawl through puddles and manoeuvre through car tyres! To finish the evening, we sang songs and played games round the campfire.

Day two involved the most daring challenges. Leaping off a 30ft wooden pole in the "leap of faith", flying through the air on the zip-line and finally feeling 3G's of force in the chair swing! The children had an excellent day, with lots of encouragement and laughter throughout. On the final day, the children completed archery - with a few close shots to a bullseye! Me and the staff have had a great time seeing the children try something completely different, learn new skills and enjoy themselves.