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Spring 2

Climate Change Day - Longdendale Environmental Centre


We had a fabulous day at Longdendale Environmental Centre! We took part in a climate change day run by the Peak District Park Rangers. We found out about how climate change is having an impact on the local environment and how the local wildlife is being affected. Animals such as the mountain hare, the curlew and bumblebee are experiencing changes to their habitats which is having a detrimental effect on the numbers of these animals. We took part in a number of challenges and team building activities which led to us having the combination to open a climate change tool box! The contents of the box led us to some ways in which we can help to protect the environment from the effects of climate change and also ways in which we can help to reduce our impact on climate change. We also learned about what the Peak District Park Rangers are doing to protect the local environment.

We had a really enjoyable day and learned so much. Thank you so much to the rangers who enabled us to have this experience and gave us such a lot of information to process and reflect upon.

The Varjak Paws have been working extremely hard on understanding fractions this term. They have shown amazing progress and perseverance and are now total fractions experts! This week they played a 'four in a row' game to apply their skills in a friendly, but competitive, way!



In PE this week, the children were introduced to boxing. As you can see, there maybe a future Tyson Fury amongst them.

Digital 5 a Day


As part of our work on E safety, we have been looking at the digital 5 a day diet and specifically focusing on Giving to others. We thought about who we should give back to and pledged 5 things we could do that would be helpful to people we loved. We then thought of a wider cause and thought about things we could do to help give back to the planet. The children have all made pledges that we will look to complete later in the year.

Daffodil Dissection!

As part of our topic 'Do all plants and animals start life as an egg?' we have been looking at the life cycle of flowering plants. We looked at the male and female parts of flowers. We have dissected daffodils and identified the different parts. We then studied the parts using a magnifying glass. We could even see the tiny eggs inside the ovary which combine with the pollen to form a new seed!

Well done Varjak Paws - you are great scientists!