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Spring 2

Walkley is teaching maths mastery and the children are concentrating on an aspect of maths for weeks at a time. This means they can show their understanding with 'varied fluency' Whatever way we present a challenge to the children they have been able to show they are experts:

Comic Relief @ Walkley

It was a really fun assembly today. Not only did we celebrate our award winners but some of the teachers told some terrible jokes. The highlight for me was being able to play Mr Wallis's drums for each punch line. Although we had a normal day of learning, we found time to take a couple of pictures:

Measurement challenges

To round up our measurement of weight/mass, we have been using what we have learnt to solve problems. Try to see if you can work these out:

Measurement - Weight

This week, year one has been learning how to measure weight. Using balance scales the children have been using lots of mathematical language such as heavier/heaviest, lighter/lightest, equal, balanced and the same as. We began by finding out what was heavier and lighter between 2 objects. The children were aware that size didn't always correlate to weight. Later in the week the children chose to use blocks as a measurement unit to record weights.