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Spring 2

Where should we meet the Great Heathen Army?


The Viking army has been spotted sailing South along the River Thames! There are eight longboats, each one holds 25 men.


They will need a safe place to land their ships before mounting an attack on Wessex.


Bristol, Chippenham, Wedmore, Bedwyn, Amesbury and Reading can each add 50 Saxon men to the fyrd. Another 80 men can be raised from Bath.



  • It takes the fyrd four hours to march over one square.
  • However, this time is doubled for swampland.
  • The fyrd can march twice as fast on an old Roman road.
  • If your army has to cross a river, then add 2 hours (don’t add any time if crossing at a Roman road – those Romans built great bridges)
  • For each mountain passed, add on six hours.


  1. Which settlements should send fighting men?
  2. Where should the army meet? How will they stay safe while they wait for the others?
  3. Which routes should they travel? Can you give the directions?