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Spring 2 Exploring the Rainforest

Week 6

Well done to our Golden Book winners of the week. You are all super stars and we are extremely proud of you!

This week we have been making our sandwiches in DT. We learned a variety of chopping techniques and then we carried out taste evaluations using our senses to inform our choices when designing our sandwiches. 

Week 5

Well done to our Golden Book winners of the week. You are all super stars and we are extremely proud of you!

What a busy week we have had this week! We have been thinking aboout different ways to care for our planet and have been reading lots of lovely books that help to make us more aware of different problems that might be faced around the world due to human activity. In English, we have started learning 'There's a Rang-tan in my Bedroom'  as we plan to write letters to palm oli companies to ask them to start cutting down the rainforest. We worked in groups to learn the poem and then performed with fluency. Everyone in the Borrowers feels very passionate about the plight of the orangutans so I am sure they will produce some amazing letters. 

Y3 Borrowers 'There's a Rang-tan in my Bedroom'

Uploaded by Kyla Solinger on 2024-03-18.

There's a Rang Tan in my bedroom

Uploaded by EAUC on 2018-11-27.

In citizenship we read about the ingenious efforts of a group of women from The Gambia turn unwated plastic littter into resuable bags that they can use and sell. We then made our own recycled bracelets using old plastic bags. 

One Plastic Bag (Read Aloud)

When Isatou Ceesay first discovers a plastic bag lying on the ground of her Gambian village, she is impressed with how light and strong it is for carrying things. Years later, she learns that goats are dying from eating plastic bags, and she starts noticing the bags are creating piles of nasty-smelling trash that collect water and attract mosquitoes.

How To Make A Plastic Bag Bracelet

Scribbots 2.0 show you how to make a bracelet out of plastic bags

Our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park was fantastic! We saw so many animals and even got a chance to handle some rainforest creepy crawlies in our special Rainforest session. What an amazing day out!

Week 4

Well done to our Golden Book winners of the week. You are all super stars and we are extremely proud of you!

We have worked so hard on our reports about Sloths and this week we got to publish them. We presented our work in an interactive and informative way and I'm sure you will agree, the results are fantastic!

In Citizenship, we have been talking about what a community is and who helps us in our community. We wrote thank you notes to let people know that we appreciate all the kind things that they do for us. 

In maths this week, we have been learning about division using remainders. We dud a practical investigation using lollipop sticks to get used to the concept of sharing equally with something left over. 

In Computing we are going to make our own set of top trump cards based on the animals that we see on our exciting trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife park. As part of our research we played Top Trumps to see how the information is organised. 

Week 3

Well done to our Golden Book winners of the week. You are all super stars and we are extremely proud of you!

World Book day was so much fun! So many great costumes and lots of opportunity for discussing our favourite books. We did some excellent drama and art using 'Dogman' and then opened our book cafes in the afternoon. What a brilliant day!

This week in Geography we have been trying to answer the question, Why does it rain so much in the rain foresst? We looked at the stages of the water cycle and acted out the stages. We then made models to show the process. 

The Water Cycle Song

A song to help students learn and memorize the steps of the water cycle. Subscribe! ➜ CORRECTION: The water molecules at 0:37 have one hydrogen and two oxygen each, and that should be reversed: H2 O Sorry for the confusion! Visit the Hopscotch Shop! ➜ Sing along to the karaoke/backing track here!

In Tag Rugby we have been learning about defending and attacking. We worked with a partner to defend our tags and tried hard to dodge and defend. 

Week 2

Well done to our Golden Book winners of the week. You are all super stars and we are extremely proud of you!

It is forest school this week and we have had a lovely time discovering the first signs of spring. We discovered some daffodils that had been 'planted' in the forest and we observed them and then used oil pastels to draw them. 

We also used the forest as the set for our rainforest weather forecasts. Although it might have been a little colder than the rainforest, we used our imaginations and gave clear and concise weather forecasts for the Amazon Rainforest. 

Uploaded by None on 2024-02-26.

Week 1

Well done to our Golden Book winners of the week. You are all super stars and we are extremely proud of you!

What an amazing start to the term it has been! We have continued our learning about the Rainforest and have been exploring where the Amazon rainforest is in the world and have learned technical vocabulary such the Equator, Tropic or Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. This fun song can help to reinforce these new geographical terms.

Kids Learning The Rainforest Song

Kids Learning Rainforest Song Introduce your child to the fascinating world of the tropical Rainforest with the Rainforest song available on BigWordClubPlus! This fun and engaging program features an interactive video lesson about the Rainforest set to the upbeat tune of the popular Rainforest song.

We then learned about the 4 layers of the rainforest and created rainforest collages to help us understand which animals live in which layer and why.

In guided reading, we have started our author study of Anthony Browne. This week we are looking at 'Voices in the Park', which tells the same story from different perspectives. We practised reading with a partner and worked on reading smoothly and using different voices for different characters. 

☀️ Kids Book Read Aloud VOICES IN THE PARK By Anthony Browne I Storytime with Miss Randall

☀️VOICES IN THE PARK BY ANTHONY BROWNE 📕About the book: Four different voices tell their own versions of the same walk in the park. The radically different perspectives give a fascinating depth to this simple story which explores many of the author's key themes, such as alienation, friendship and the bizarre amid the mundane.

In PE, we took advantage of the first signs of spring and went to play a quick game of tag rugby on the top field. We learned about how to throw, using the W technique and had a great game of tag using the tag belts.