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Summer 1

Week 6 - Exploring shapes


This week we have been learning about how we can manipulate 2D shapes to make new shapes. For example, we halved a square piece of paper to make a rectangle and we put two triangles together to make a square! We took part in lots of different activities including; making shape pictures, folding shapes and matching shapes. We noticed that shapes can look different depending on their orientation, however they still remain the same. 

Week 6 - The Missing Bog Baby 


We read the story of the 'Bog Baby' and made our own Bog Baby habitats. But one day we suddenly realised that the Bog Baby had disappeared! We received a letter from 'The King of Tiny Things' asking us to help him find him. We got to work exploring outside, where we found some clues that we had to read and some blue Bog Baby tracks which we followed. But we had no luck, so we decided to make Bog Baby missing posters and traps to see if we could get him back. 

Forest School


This term in Forest School we have been making transient art pictures using natural materials. We used sticks to create rectangular picture frames and we carefully chose natural objects which intrigued us. Next, we made nature crowns as we became kings and queens of tiny things to extend our learning on minibeasts. 

Week 4 - Subtraction


This week the Chameleons have been exploring the concept of subtraction. We have solved subtraction stories, played with the bowling skittles outside and subtracted gems from treasure chests to practice the skill of subtracting. We have also learnt the vocabulary of less, minus, take away and subtract. 

Week 3 - The wonderful world of bees!

This week we have been learning lots of bee facts. We have discovered that they have 5 eyes and 4 wings and that they move pollen from flower to flower using their back legs. We have learnt how to draw bees following a step by step guide and we have looked at hexagons to draw the bees honeycomb. Next we are looking at why bees are so important and how they make honey! 

The Chameleons loved learning about how bees make honey, especially when they learnt that honey is basically bee vomit! Plus it didn't put them off making honey sandwiches. They were excellent at making sure they followed health and safety guidelines as we thought about hygiene and how to use knives safely. 

Week 2 - The King of Tiny Things

This week we designed and made our own Tiny Things while thinking about which superpowers our Tiny Thing might have. We imagined what we would do if we could fly or even have super strength! We even had a go at labelling our Tiny Thing using our phonic knowledge. 



We have tadpoles!

We have been observing how tadpoles change before they turn into frogs. We read the story 'The Teeny Tiny Tadpole' and learnt all about the life cycle of a frog. Watch this space to find out what happens next!

Week 1 - Minibeasts!


This week Chameleons have welcomed Miss Hannon in to Walkley with big smiles and a caring attitude.


To kick off our half term we have enjoyed exploring minibeasts by researching using non-fiction books. Afterwards we went on a minibeast hunt outside then recorded what we had found back in the classroom. We also read 'The King of Tiny Things which has led us to think about how to care for minibeasts in the environment. 


In Maths, we have been learning all about numbers beyond 10. We have used a variety of different concrete resources to make numbers 11-20 then we talked about the patterns we could see. For example, all the numbers had a ten in them. We enjoyed making a Numicon city while thinking about partitioning the teen numbers into tens and ones. We also used playdough to make teen numbers using two tens frames. 


Thank you for a fantastic first week back!