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Summer 1

Forest School making Pyramids and completing brain teaser problems

Our Y5 Science trip to King Edwards school where we learnt about physical and chemical changes. In our groups we made a chemical change and tested if Hydrogen had been made by finding the 'squeaky pop'.

Y5/6 Octagon Dance Performance

Click the link below to watch the performance!

One Voice Singing Festival

We are very excited to be taking part in the One Voice Singing Festival again this year.  On the 6th July, Y3 and Y5 will join a live stream to sing along with many other schools across the city.  The event will be recorded and compiled into a video of all the performances.  There are 5 songs to learn. After we have introduced a song in class, we will be posting it here for pupils to practise at home.  Here's the first song we have started to learn this week.  We hope you enjoy practising your singing at home!   

'(We are) Unstoppable'

We Are Unstoppable

One Voice Singing Festival - Song 2

Here is the next song we are learning in class.  We hope you enjoy practising this at home!

'One moment, one people'

Once you have learnt the lyrics, challenge yourself and try singing the song with just the backing music!

One Moment, One People

Click on the link below.  Skip to 3 minutes 40 seconds to learn the Makaton signs for One Moment, One People.

One Moment One People Makaton

Almost There - Song 3

Here is the last song for this term.  You may recognise this one as it's from Disney's The Princess and the Frog.  It's a jazz song that celebrates perseverance.  There will be two more to learn next term so keep up the practice! 

Almost there (performance track).mp3

This week in Literacy, Mr Jones took Hiccups on a journey through Time travel airways back to Cairo in Ancient Egypt. Here Y5 acted out different scenes they thought they would see in this busy marketplace.

Weston Park Museum Trip 26.5.22