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Summer 1

Summer 1 Week 6


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Samir (Golden Citizen), Subhaan (Whizzy Worker) and Imogen (Behaviour Superstar). 


I can't believe it's half term already! This term has flown by. We've had a fun week, with TWO parties - a Special Agents one to celebrate the end of their training, and a class wide reward party. For the class wide reward party, the children had an extra playtime with biscuits, then we got out the parachute and played some games. 



Next term we'll be focusing on plastic pollution as part of our topic. Please research the pollution in our oceans and the inspirational Greta Thunberg.


Here is the powerful "Plastic Bag Song" by Nick Cope. The Gruffalos and Storm whales are studying pollution in our oceans and will perform this song at the "Proms in the Playground" evening.

Summer 1 Week 5 


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Ronnie (Golden Citizen), Ned & Mahdhi (joint Whizzy Workers) and Betty (Behaviour Superstar). 


We've been getting very creative in Stormwhales this week, with some fun music and art lessons. The children have been using the glockenspiels to play along to 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley, now that they know the lyrics. They did a fanstastic job, listening carefully and playing along at the same time. It was quite tricky!

My Literacy group has been learning about octopuses, whilst planning to write a fact file about them. This afternoon we shared some amazing facts with the rest of the class before the children set off drawing and painting their own octopuses. Ask yoru child for an amazing octopus fact, they really are fascinating creatures!

Summer 1 Week 4


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Lily M (Golden Citizen), Rio (Whizzy Worker) and Elena (Behaviour Superstar). 


Well it hasn't felt like the summer term this week, what with this weather! But we've been continuing with our trip around the world, allowing us to visit some sunnier climates. Today we left Tobago and visited Japan, to help out a lighthouse keeper who needs a new bento box! Earlier in the week the children designed their own ships for the voyage. There were both brilliant practical ideas such as life boats and portholes, and fun ideas such as slides and swimming pools. 

In Maths we've been working on a range of reasoning questions, looking at strategies the children can use to help understand the questions, such as using equipment or drawing out the problem. We've also focused on the importance of checking answers.

Summer 1 Week 3


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Mia (Golden Citizen), Savannah (Whizzy Worker) and Thomas Lacey (Behaviour Superstar).


This week we took a holiday to Tobago, experienced what life was like there and tried some coconut juice. The reactions were very mixed and most children decided it wasn't for them. The children then wrote some very descriptive letters explaining what Tobago is like to people in Sheffield. 


In PE the children have been playing Tag Rugby - Mr Rist reported that the children picked this up really well and showed great team work skills. 




Today in Music the children learnt the Bob Marley song 'Three Little Birds'. We played some games exploring rhythm and pace before learning the chorus and one verse. 

Summer 1 Week 1


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Lucy (Golden Citizen), Brooke (Whizzy Worker) and Mia (Behaviour Superstar). 


We've had a fun week, celebrating Easter and spending time in Forest school. We were lucky to have lovely weather! Because we had less time than usual in forest school this week we will be going in again on Monday. I am also hoping to organise some more time towards the end of the term. 


Before we went in, we read 'Where the Wild Things are.'

Once in the forest, the children made their own masks out of natural materials, to reflect the monsters in the story. On Monday, the children will wear their masks as we act out the story. We talked about only taking materials from dead plants and the difference between dead and living plants. 
The children had the chance to play in the forest. Many decided to build dens and demonstrated amazing team work. Others played kings and queens, using a 'throne' in one of the dens. In another session, children used rulers to measure different sticks, then looked around for other sticks and estimated how many centimetres long they might be, before checking. 
Lastly, back in the classroom we made Easter cards and baskets, and some children joined the Easter parade in their fantastic Easter bonnets!