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Summer 2

Summer 2 Week 7


Well done to our award winners this week! The awards are slightly different at the end of the year. It was a very hard choice as all children have worked hard and have been a delight to teach. 


Golden Citizen of the year - Athena

Most progress in Reading - Ned

Most progress in Writing - Ronnie

Most progress in Maths - Lily M


This week we had a wonderful class-wide reward party outside. Luckily we chose Thursday for our party, when the weather was good! Take a look at some photos of our teddy bear picnic. 



The children have been researching plastic pollution in Jamaica. They've made some booklets about this, which they are taking home. Later in the week they began designing an ocean/islands themed board game. We will continue this on Monday, so they can play it at home during the holidays!

Summer 2 Week 6


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Betty (Golden Citizen), Armaan (Whizzy Worker) and Imogen (Behaviour Superstar).


This week saw the return of Mrs Prochazka-Lawton, was was very impressed with the children's behaviour and learning. They have all been very helpful in showing her the routines of their classroom and sharing what they've been up to. 


Well done to Thursday's footballers - Walkley came second (almost first!) We also won the poster competition, so well done to all Y2s, as everyone contributed to the Cameroon and South Korea posters which were taken along to the event. 


This week the children have been working on some artwork for a calendar competition. Each child created a picture to represent their favourite month. Take a look at the finished pieces below. 

If your child hasn't returned their slip yet, please could they bring them by Monday so their lovely work can be entered!

Summer 2 Week 5


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Ned (Golden Citizen), Sammy (Whizzy Worker) and Isla (Behaviour Superstar). 


It's been a very active week! On Wednesday, the children finished off their lunchboxes in Science. Then they tested them out to see if they could withstand the elements and seagull attacks. We used a water pistol to replicate rain and the children knocked into it, pretending to be seagulls! We sent it along a line of string to the 'lighthouse,' to replicate the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.'

Summer 2 Week 4


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Thomas L (Golden Citizen), Brooke (Whizzy Worker) and Lilly J (Behaviour Superstar). 


This week we've been making lunch boxes for Mr Takishi, the Japanese lighthouse keeper! He has a problem with seagulls knocking into his lunch and it getting rained on. The children had to make a lunchbox with a door/lid, that was waterproof, shockproof and lightweight. Have a look at some photos of the children at work. 

And here are some of the finished lunchboxes!

Summer 2 Week 3


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Athena (Golden Citizen), Lucy (Whizzy Worker) and Raiyaan (Behaviour Superstar). 


This week we've been doing some problem solving in Maths, looking at different ways to spend money in a seaside shop! The children have been using equipment and drawing out the problem to help with working it out. 

In Geography we've been using maps to locate and learn the 5 oceans and 7 continents. We continued this in Computing by using Google maps to locate various islands, looking at their location and their physical and human features. 
We had such a wonderful time in Forest School last week that we decided to write about our experiences. The children looked at some photos to remember and talk about what we did, and they've started writing a recount about it. 

Summer 2 Week 2


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Wentworth (Golden Citizen), Mira (Whizzy Worker) and Subhaan (Behaviour Superstar). 


We've had a great week in forest school this week, despite the relentless rain! Here are some photos showing the different things we've been doing. The children have taken most of the photos, as part of our Computing curriculum. 

Making little creatures and building shelters for them

Measuring sticks and making Harry Potter wands

Making and eating chocolate and marshmallow stuffed bananas!

Summer 2 Week 1


Well done to our award winners this week! They are: Ellie-Mae (Golden Citizen), Elena (Whizzy Worker) and Thomas D (Behaviour Superstar). 


We had a wonderful time on our Longshaw trip and hopefully you've heard about our fantastic deer spotting experience! We were lucky enough to see two red deer up close. We saw loads of other wildlife too, including a rabbit, birds and minibeasts. We were so proud of the children's enthusiasm and brilliant behaviour during the trip, and we received some very positive comments from the staff, who were very impressed with this. 

My Literacy group has been planning a recipe for a disgusting sandwich to scare off some pesky seagulls! Here are some disgusting ingredients we used to make a sandwich earlier in the week. 

Here is a great Newsround article and quiz to test your ocean knowledge! Please note that the Southern ocean was only officially recognised in 2002!