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Summer 2

This week Year 5 & 6 have had two dress rehersals to children lower down school. We are so excited to share our hard work with parents!

Halle Orchestra (Space style!) following by a picnic in the Peace Gardens 7/7/23

One Step on the Moon - for the Halle performance

Celebrating our Class Wide Reward Party - Pizza Making style!

Links for Literacy

Climate Change


As part of our Geography unit on Climate Change we have been reading an award-winning picture book called ‘Varmints’. We’ve made plenty of inferences towards the illustrations and interpreting what they represent and how the characters may feel.

Our varmint artwork


Friday 30th June

For our final trip in Year 5, we visited Magna! In the morning, we spent time exploring the four pavilions (earth, fire, water and air) along with watching the BIG MELT to learn about Sheffield’s steel history and spending some time in the playground. During the afternoon we took part in a space workshop where we learnt about different star constellations, the order and name of planets in our solar system and how rockets work!