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Terrible Tudors

Welcome back Varjak Paws!

We've had a great week welcoming the year 5 children into the Varjak Paw class. We've been finding out more about the book our class is based on and learning about the characters in the book. We have started our creative curriculum topic by creating a large scale class Tudor Rose which required super team work skills. We developed our collaborative skills further by working together to complete a 'zone of relevance' to describe the character of Varjak Paw. We are investigating in our literacy who Varjak Paw is as a character and if he has similar characteristics to us as a class. We are the Varjak Paws after all... We have also started our science topic 'Will we ever send another human to the moon?' by learning about the 1969 moon landing.


As a school we have subscribed to an exciting new maths resource which will help children with their speed of recall of multiplication facts called 'Times Tables Rockstars'. Children have already started their journey to becoming a Rock Hero! We hope you enjoy supporting your children on this fun journey at home.


Well done for a brilliant start to year 5. Keep up the hard work Varjak Paws!


Varjak Paws building those vital teamwork skills

The Solar System

We have created a scaled model of the solar system! We decided on which fruits could represent which planets based on their relative size. We used toilet roll to mark out the distance from the sun. We needed to calculate a suitable scale to ensure we could represent the distances accurately within the school hall. Each piece of toilet roll represented 50 million kilometres! The model was really effective in demonstrating how vast our solar system is and how close some planets are and how far away others are. Great problem solving and team work skills Varjak Paws!

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