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The Tudors are still here!

The construction phase begins - just like Barratt Homes!

Construction commences...

The Tudor house modules that we have made are beginning to fit together - 'wattle and daub' to be applied, with spaces for windows and doors, along with a 'thatched' roof.

In addition, we have begun designing tiles that could be used on the floors and walls of the houses featuring Tudor-inspired motifs.


FREE cinema tickets!

Following Friday's successful Year 5 trip to the Vue Cinema at Meadowhall to watch The Grinch, we have been given a free child/teen cinema ticket for each child in Year 5, courtesy of Vue Cinemas and the Into Film Festival.

The ticket is valid for December 2019 only and can be exchanged for either one child (18 months to 12 years) or one teen (13 to 18 years) ticket. Have a look at the Vue website ( and the small print on the ticket for full conditions.

Hope you get to see an amazing film!


A Tudor Terrace

Our Tudor houses are ready for their first tennants, and they look rather luxurious!

Christmas Parties 2019

Next Tuesday 17th December 2019 sees our joint Christmas party with the Y5 Varjak Paw and Y6 Kensuke classes. Children have written letters to parents/carers, asking to bring along some snack food to share during that afternoon. Any contributions will be gratefully received, and appreciated by all the classes. The children have given an indication of the types of food to bring - please note that we cannot cook/reheat anything, and please do not send in anything containing nuts or nut-derived products. Thank you.

The afternoon will be a celebration of the term and a chance for children to share time with their friends from Upper Key Stage 2, before we take a well-earned fortnight celebrating Christmas.