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Toy Story - Friendships

The theme for this term's PSHE / online safety learning is about friendships. What causes people to fall out? What can people do to help develop successful friendships? Woody's jealousy of Buzz culminated in conflict and this has generated questions for us to find the answer to about how friendships are developed, how they are nurtured and importantly whether there are different rules for online friendships than for face to face relationships. We have also looked at the story of Digiduck. What would be the consequences if Digiduck decided to share embarrassing images of his friend online with his other friends?


Within class, pupils have discussed the 2 stories, the plot and lead up to Woody and Buzz's fallout and Digiduck's big decision. They have set about helping the characters to develop their friendships with advice that supports a budding friendship from this point in the story. Below you will see the work undertaken by the pupils from F2 to Y6.


PSHE - Themes covered: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Living in the wider world. Some examples from the PSHE curriculum with online relevance:

I'll Be There For You by Foundation Stage 2

As part of Autumn 2 2018, Whole school PSHE online safety learning about Friendships, FS2 have produced the following fabulous video.

A Good Friend is.... by Y1 Anansi

Still image for this video

A good friend is.... by Y1 Giants

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Y2 Gruffalos - The Friendship Police

As part of the whole school Autumn 2 2018 PSHE online safety learning on Friendships, the Gruffalos have made a video of the Y2 Friendship Police on the lookout for good friendship behaviours.

Online Safety Posters and Friendship Freeze Frames

Y2 - Storm Whales - Feelings, thoughts and facts


In Storm Whale the children have been discussing what they know about the characters Woody and Buzz. What are the characters thinking? How do they feel when the characters come together in the petrol station on the way to Pizza Planet?


Armed with this knowledge, the pupils then considered the feelings and thoughts conducive to friendship and those that need to be pushed aside for friendship to develop.

Y3 Online Safety - Digiduck

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Y4 - A Good Online Friend - Role-play


When Digiduck receives a picture of his friend that's funny but could embarrass his friend, what should he do?

Here, Y4 role-play 3 different possible outcomes depending on Digiduck's big decision:

Share with everyone.MOV

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Give in to peer pressure.MOV

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Don't share the message.MOV

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Y5 - Friendship Vocabulary

Y6 unravel the complexities of friendship