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Week Beginning 11th January 2021




Restless Rivers - What is a river?


Greetings Year 4, 


Our Geography focus this half-term is going to be on rivers. In this introduction, you've got a powerpoint presentation to read through, including some dicussion points and videos, and a couple of activities to print out and complete. If you don't have a printer, then download the images and edit them using MS Paint or other application.


There's also an optional extra task that you can complete that should give you a better understanding of erosion and deposition.


As with all subjects, you can send us photos or copies of your work here.



Tuesday 12th January 2021


LO: to demonstrate techniques when drawing a self-portrait


I can remember to -

  • think carefully about size and shape
  • use a mirror to focus on the individual details of my face
  • draw lightly with a pencil
  • use my pencil to shade light and dark tones on different areas of my face


Today we are going to focus on drawing self portraits using pencils so show the light and dark areas of our faces. What I really want you to focus on in this art lesson are the details of your faces. You do this by using a mirror. If you don't have a hand mirror, you can sit in front of a mirror as you are drawing. Make sure you constantly check the mirror as you work to ensure that each and every one of the wonderful details on your individual faces is captured.


Here is a link to a real artist giving advice about drawing a self portrait:


After watching this. Please watch the my video, which shows again the steps of drawing a self portrait, with the key skills from the remember tos. Please upload any photos of your art work to the google form:


I have also included a step by step guide to drawing your face if you need it. You can find this under my video.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your lovely portraits!



Y3/4 portraits - self portrait

Amazing self portraits from Year 3 and 4! See if you can tell who it is!



Y4 PE Warm up with Miss Kendall

This weeks PE is going to be focusing on BALANCING. 

Watch the video below to find out how to use the correct technique to balance.

L/O: I can learn how to balance

Learn the fundamental movement skill of balance


1) Prepare an open space with nothing for you to fall onto!

2) Have a pillow, cushion or yoga mat ready to make a soft floor.

3) Hold each balance for a minimum of 5 seconds (If you want a challenge try 10!!)

4) Once you've held the balance cross it off. 

5) Try to see how many different ways you can get BINGO on the board.


6) For 'Free Space' Make your own balance!!

7) You can also play with a partner and take it in turns attempting difference balances to make Bingo.


Wow look at these fantastic poses!


Hot off the press! Here is a brand new resource prepared for you by Sheffield Music Hub so that you can get singing and connect with music at home! You can click here to share any photos or videos of you taking part in any of the tasks.  

Singing Team KeyStage 2 Week 1

If you would like more information, click on the link below for a guide to using the resource. 
Here is this week's Musical Moments resource. This is an interactive video filmed by Music Hub's instrumental staff.  You will probably recognise the teacher presenting this week!

Musical Moments 2.0 - Episode 1, Pitch featuring Heather



L/O: To understand particles can be classified into different states.




Science work submitted




Storm Filomena: Spain sees 'historic' snowfall


Storm Filomena has blanketed parts of Spain in heavy snow, with half of the country on red alert for more across the weekend. The Spanish government has told people to stay at home as the cold weather is set to continue, with temperatures in Madrid predicted to hit -12°C.


el tiempo - the weather

I would like you to watch the video below. Listen carefully to the pronunciation of each new word and have a go at saying it yourself. Remember, it doesn't matter if you don't quite get it right the first time, just listen again and give it another go! 


Create a wordmat for the vocabulary used to describe the weather.

Remember to draw a picture for each new word and carefully copy the spelling from the video.

Just for fun:

If you would like to share your super Spanish word mats, click here.


Fantastic word mats - thank you for sharing!