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Week beginning 11th January 2021


Hello, please watch the video and listen to the story.  Then take a piece of paper (or print off the worksheet) and listen to the story again, but this time draw and write about your favourite bits.  When you have finished, please upload your work using the link below)

Year 1 Writing The Way Back Home Day 1

Tuesday: Building a sentence

Today we are going to do some simple sentences so that everyone can succeed in their writing.  Have a go using the sheet, or if you don't have a printer, put the PDF on screen and zoom in on the word bank words.


Children do not have to use the word bank words, they are there if they are needed.


This work should be attempted independently with plenty of praise and support when they have finished.  Please leave any mistakes for now.

I wonder who can come up with a better sentence than mine?

Year 1: Build a sentence way back home



I was really impressed with your work yesterday.  Look at all of your amazing sentences.

I've commented on each of them. Well done.


Today we are going to have a go at keeping a sentence in our head.  

I've been teaching my own 5 Year old today and I'm so snoozy I forgot to mention 2 tricky(ish) spellings.  It's ok to look these 2 words up if you are stuck.





Y1 T4W Way Back Home

Once you have held this sentence can you redraft it?


Can you write it neater? Can you make it better?

Can you describe the boy too?

Thursday Writing Planning

So now we are going to plan out work!

If you don’t have a printer then please draw these 4 things from the story








then think of 3 words to describe them and write that next to them. 

think draw a picture of a different place the boy could crash on. Will it be the hot sun? Or a cold Neptune?


Then can you describe that place. 

When you have finished your plan check you can read it. You will need it tomorrow!


y1 writing planning way back home


Y1. Writing. Way back home

Professor Brian Cox reads the way back home

Have a quick listen to this!

Reading the Year 1 Writing