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Week Beginning 11th January 2021 - Hola Mexico

- Monday - 

This half term we are continuing with our topic 'Hola Mexico' and will be travelling back in time to learn about the fascinating ancient Maya civilisation. This week we will be learning about what made this civilisation so special. 

Please click here to fill out the google form. We'd love to see your work!

Learning Objective:  To find reasons why the ancient Maya are an important part of history.

Remember to:

Find where the ancient Maya civilisation lived on a map.

Look for clues about the life of the ancient Maya in photos and pictures.

Use the reference sheet to find out why the ancient Maya were special.

Choose the reason I think is the most important.


A civilisation is a group of people who work together to build a society. 

They share technology, wealth and experience with each other. 

The word ancient means that it is something that occurred a long time ago, way back in history.

First of all, watch the video below for an introduction of the topic and an explanation of the tasks for today's learning.

Further Activities - these are optional and only here if you'd like to extend your learning!
1. From the 9 images, choose the one you think is the most important  reason  why the ancient Maya were so special.  You could draw a picture together with your sentence.  Here's  frame to help you.
2. Write all 9 clues down on separate pieces of card or paper and arrange them in a diamond 9 (see image below).  You could write a sentence with the reasons for your choices of the most important and the least important.
3.  Create a factfile.  You could show where the ancient Maya lived and present the different reasons why the ancient Maya were so special. Alternatively, you might like to present it in the style of a tourist guide which is outlined in the file below.
4. If you'd like to do any more research on the ancient Maya this website has some excellent information with lots of interesting photos and pictures.  Don't forget, we will be continuing with our learning on this topic next week! 

- Tuesday -


LO: to demonstrate techniques when drawing a self-portrait

I can remember to -

  • think carefully about size and shape
  • use a mirror to focus on the individual details of my face
  • draw lightly with a pencil
  • use my pencil to shade light and dark tones on different areas of my face


Today we are going to focus on drawing self portraits using pencils so show the light and dark areas of our faces. What I really want you to focus on in this art lesson are the details of your faces. You do this by using a mirror. If you don't have a hand mirror, you can sit in front of a mirror as you are drawing. Make sure you constantly check the mirror as you work to ensure that each and every one of the wonderful details on your individual faces is captured.


Here is a link to a real artist giving advice about drawing a self portrait:


After watching this. Please watch the my video, which shows again the steps of drawing a self portrait, with the key skills from the remember tos. Please upload any photos of your art work to the google form:


I have also included a step by step guide to drawing your face if you need it. You can find this under my video.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your lovely portraits!

Amazing self portraits from Year 3 and 4! See if you can tell who it is!

- Wednesday - 

This weeks PE is going to be focusing on BALANCING. 

Watch the video below to find out how to use the correct technique to balance.


1) Prepare an open space with nothing for you to fall onto!

2) Have a pillow, cushion or yoga mat ready to make a soft floor.

3) Hold each balance for a minimum of 5 seconds (If you want a challenge try 10!!)

4) Once you've held the balance cross it off. 

5) Try to see how many different ways you can get BINGO on the board.


6) For 'Free Space' Make your own balance!!

7) You can also play with a partner and take it in turns attempting difference balances to make Bingo.


Hot off the press! Here is a brand new resource prepared for you by Sheffield Music Hub so that you can get singing and connect with music at home! You can click here to share any photos or videos of you taking part in any of the tasks.  

If you would like more information, click on the link below for a guide to using the resource. 

- Thursday - 

This half term, we will be starting our exciting new topic - EXTREME EARTH. In this week's lesson, we will be discovering what is really underneath our feet! 

Task: Can you complete the missing information from the diagrams below?


You can print this as a worksheet by downloading the file below, draw your own diagrams or just use the images below and talk to someone at home about the answers (click on the images to make them bigger). If you feel like getting creative, you could choose to display the information in a fun way like the spinning poster example below! 


Watch this video comparing the Earth's structure to a peach.


- How is the structure of the Earth similar to that of a peach?


- How is the structure of the Earth different to that of a peach?




Test yourself:

Click HERE to have a go at the first EXTREME EARTH QUIZ!


Just for fun:

You could have a go at making your own model Earth at home using playdough.

Here are last year's Aslans with their models and instructions for how to have a go yourself!

If you would like to share any of your super science work, you can upload a photo HERE.

- Friday - 


Storm Filomena: Spain sees 'historic' snowfall


Storm Filomena has blanketed parts of Spain in heavy snow, with half of the country on red alert for more across the weekend. The Spanish government has told people to stay at home as the cold weather is set to continue, with temperatures in Madrid predicted to hit -12°C.


el tiempo - the weather

I would like you to watch the video below. Listen carefully to the pronunciation of each new word and have a go at saying it yourself. Remember, it doesn't matter if you don't quite get it right the first time, just listen again and give it another go! 


Create a wordmat for the vocabulary used to describe the weather.

Remember to draw a picture for each new word and carefully copy the spelling.

Just for fun:

If you would like to share your super Spanish word mats, click here.

Fantastic work Y3s! Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant word mats. 

Here is this week's Musical Moments resource. This is an interactive video filmed by Music Hub's instrumental staff.  You will probably recognise the teacher presenting this week!