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Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Monday the 18th of January 2021

Here is this week's spelling words to write very neatly, do 20 points of activites to and test with an adult on Friday. Best of luck super star spellers!

Tuesday the 19th of January 2021


Please watch Mrs Chetcuti read The Cops and the Robbers. Can you make a list of all the verbs (action words) you can hear? I can hear drink, stay, take .......

Y2 Story Cops and Robbers

Great verb lists Y2! I can see you have listened very carefully to Mrs Chetcuti and understand what a verb is.

Thursday the 21st of January 2020

y2 story. Mrs Armitage and the big wave.

This time can you write a list and draw pictures of the nouns you can hear in Mrs Chetcuti's story? For example, some nouns I could hear were Mrs Armitage, beach, surfboard, dog, wave.... I am sure you can find lots more in the story!

Great lists and spelling!