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Week Beginning 18th January 2021




Restless Rivers - Rivers in the UK


Greetings Year 4, 


Continuing our exploration of rivers, today you are going to find out more about the rivers of Britain.


You've got a powerpoint presentation to read through, including some dicussion points and videos, and a couple of activities to print out and complete. If you don't have a printer, then download the images and edit them using MS Paint or other application.


You might want to use Google Maps, an atlas or the map that I have attached to help you.

Great map work, Year 4! Well done!




I loved seeing your self portraits last week, they were extremely impressive! This week we are going to look at some very famous self portraits and become art critics!


L/O: to evaluate self portraits of famous artists


I can remember to -

  • think about how the portrait was made
  • think about the perspective (point of view)
  • talk about what makes the portrait special (what stands out)
  • give my opinion with reasons


First watch the video to help you start to think about discussing the self portraits and then start on the task. I haven't included all of the pictures in the video as it wasn't as much fun to discuss them by myself but I have put all of the self portraits on the blog as a screen show so that you can browse through and choose your three favourites before starting on the task.


Please send in any work that you complete to the google form.


The worksheet for today's task can be found under the self portraits. Have fun and get critical!

Y3:4 Art Evaluate Self Portraits SD 480p

7 Famous Self Portraits

Art Evaluation worksheet




Welcome to Wednesday Workout Year 3 & 4, 

To start our PE off this week its time to get WARMED UP.  Join Miss Kendall to get our bodies ready for this week’s exercise. 

Y3/4 Warm Up with Miss Kendall- Week 2

For this weeks PE you will need some SOCKS that’s right SOCKS!

But why do we need socks I hear you ask?

To help us get active, moving and have fun of course!!

Follow these videos for three fun activities for you to complete using your SOCKS.

These games will test your speed, accuracy and strength.

Don’t forget to submit any photos from PE using this GOOGLE FORM.

Sock Ladder Challenge

Around The Sock

The Sock Challenge

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks PE and warm up! It looks like it from your faces :)



It's part two of our singing sequence - get your singing positions ready!

Y3/4 Bubble Reading Music



L/O: To conduct a practical scientific enquiry.

L/O: To understand how a change in state happens and explain the movement of particles.

This weeks Super Science involves recapping our states of matter and even having a go at a simple experiment at home. 

The video for this week is split into two parts. Part one will involve some discussion and writing so get your pencils at the ready! Part 2 is an experiment for you to have a go at home! You will need an ADULTS HELP for the experiment so please don't try on your own! You will also need some equipment to prepare before. Enjoy today Year 4 and please send in your photos in the google form at the TOP!



Firstly, thank you for the super work you sent in from last week. I hope you enjoyed learning about the weather!

mi estuche - my pencil case

This week, we are going to learn the vocabulary to describe what we have in our pencil cases.
I would like you to watch the video below. Listen carefully to the pronunciation of each new word and have a go at saying it yourself. Remember, it doesn't matter if you don't quite get it right the first time, just listen again and give it another go!


Note: Please skip the video to 1:40 - this is where the lesson begins.

Activity 1 (Y3 & Y4)
Activity 2 (Y4s Extension) - this activity also revises Spanish colours which we learnt last year - see how much you can remember! Y3s, you are welcome to have a go at this activity too - use the colour wordmat below to help you! 
I would love to see your super Spanish work! You can upload a photo by clicking HERE.




It's time for another musical moment!