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Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Hello Year 6!


Mrs Hall here - I will be with you during Guided Reading this week.  We will follow the same format as we do in school - with 2 sessions looking at a reading skill.  After this, you will complete three follow-up activities.  Please use the remember tos I have attached below to help you when carrying out these activities. 


This week our text is on the FA Cup - I know we have a lot of football fans in Year 6 so I'm sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I did!  There are three levels of text for you to choose from so select the most appropriate level for you (these are labelled as Level 1,2 and 3 with the Level 3 text being the most challenging).  


This week we will be focusing on our retrieval reading skills.  You will be picking out information in the text to help you answer questions.  Remember to identify the key words in the question, then skim and scan for the key words in the text to help you find the answer.   


Session 1

Read the text and identify any words which you do not know the meaning of.  Use a dictionary to find the meaning of these words (online dictionaries are helpful if you do not have a paper dictionary) and write these down. For example:


spectator - a person who watches at a show, game or other event.


Session 2

There are some comprehension questions underneath the text (remember to choose the level of text and questions which is most appropriate for you).  Answer these questions in full sentences, using key words and skimming and scanning to help retrieve the answer.  After you have finished answering all of the questions, you can have a turn at becoming a teacher!  Mark your work using the answer sheet which is at the end of the document.  Can you correct any mistakes you have made?


Session 3

Click on the Google Quiz link below (the quiz time picture!) to answer questions about the text.   All the answers can be found in the text and you will find out the correct answer straight away!  Please let me know how challenging you found the text as well to help me when I am planning next week's text.



Session 4

Read the ‘Did you know?’ section.  Create a timeline of the events that took place.


Session 5

Create an informative poster about the FA Cup trophy.  Include information about what it looks like and its history. 

Some great work from EF, FS, XS, RB, RW and EW below! Well done!

Well done to EM, XS, RB and EF who have completed the Task 1 Quiz. You are all superstars!

Well done KP who has been busy completing all his tasks today!

Fantastic retrieval questions EW!