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Week beginning 18th January 2021


There is a mysterious sound coming from space!!!

You need to watch the video and then when you've finished you can print the sheet below or draw your own picture on a piece of paper. Please upload your picture on the link below and I will show your work on the blog.

Discover what is the source of the alien sounds from space

Learn the four countries of the UK and their capital cities


Now it's time to look at physical features of the UK and think of describing words (adjectives). These will help us decide whether these places are a good or bad place to land. Watch the film and then fill in the 'brainstorm'. Take a picture and upload it below. I'll post your work with a comment.

Y1 Writing Tuesday Brainstorm

Think of describing words and fill in a brainstorm


When we write, we build a sentence in our head and it is an important skill to hold that sentence in our head in order to write it successfully. This is why we practise hold a sentence activities regularly. At Walkley we know that 'Talk for writing' is vital and helps children succeed. In this lesson we say the sentence, then draw pictures to help us remember the sentence and then use actions to aid in remembering the sentence. All of these things will help us write the sentence.

Y1 writing Talk for writing Hold a sentence

Draw it, act it out, write it.


Watch the video and use the support words in the boxes on the sheets. Please write some sentences explaining where Eric should or shouldn't land his ship. Make sure you use the word 'because' to justify your answer.

Remember, "Say it before you write it"

Use your adjectives you wrote on Tuesday to help you.

You can upload your work below the video.

Y1 Writing First draft Helping Eric the alien

Write your first draft about where Eric should land his ship using because.


Y1 Writing - Editing

Learning that it's okay to make mistakes. Now it's time to edit our work. What do we need to remember? Capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and spellin...