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Week Beginning 1st February 2021

I'm really pleased that you were able to get out and enjoy the snow earlier this week.




Greetings Year 4, 


Continuing our exploration of rivers and tied to our Guided Reading for the week, today you are going to find out more about flooding.


You've got a powerpoint presentation to read through, including some dicussion points and videos, and an activity to print out and complete. If you don't have a printer, then you can use a paint app to select and move the images.


LO:  To be able to explain the causes of flooding.
I can remember to:

- name the four main causes of flooding.
- cut out the photos (scissors or paint app).
- read the captions to put the photo in the right place.
- discuss how floods can be prevented.

More great work from you all this week. Well done!



Brilliant art work! I loved seeing what you would like to see!

As it's such a beautiful snowy day today, I've made a last minute change to our art lesson.


It's a great opportunity to get outside and create something using the medium of snow! This can be a snowman, or you could stretch your creativity a little and create a snow collage or a snow drawing using different natureal materials. Snow can be a great way to get artistic and have lots of fun at the same time!


My two had a great time making snow people this morning and thought of ways that they could make them look as realistic as possible. They worked hard to sculpt and add detail and worked together really nicely!

My daughter then switched media and continued to create stick pictures in the snow!

When you have finished your artwork, you can share a photo of your work here

Please evaluate your work here

Y3/4 snowy art

Here are some really creative and funny snow people to give you some ideas

If you have paint at home, then painting in the snow is also really effective

Fabulous to see those snow creations coming in! I love the themes!

You've produced some great pieces of art this week. Good job!



For this week's singing session,  Sheffield Music Hub have set us a challenge!
There are 2 options which are both explained by Caroline in the video below.

Option 1: This requires you to work with others.  Create a structure using the template provided (see the link below).  Decide which part to bring in first/second/third THEN record your performance using your new structure, split into part.

Option 2: This can be done on your own. Create a structure using the template (see the link below). Decide which part to bring in first/second/third THEN record yourself singing the each part, one after the other (e.g. Bow Wow Wow, then Hot Cross Buns, then body percussion)


The video starts with a fun warm up.  Warming up helps us get ready to sing. It stretches our muscles and focuses
our mind! Focus on copying the warm up exactly and only making the sounds on the video!

Learning at Home Week 4 - KS2

This is your Learning at Home session for KS2. To access your grid to create your own arrangement of the match songs please click here -

Here is a video from our music teacher, Heather Burge, demonstrating the challenge.

KS2 challenge demo

You can upload a video of you completing the task by clicking HERE.
Well done to the Y3s and Y4s today for their singing composition.



Time to get your dancing shoes back on with Dazzle Dance Amy this week!! Enjoy!!

KS2 Dazzle Dance

Here is some more Dazzle Dance. Let's see what you can remember from last week and learn the High Hopes dance! Enjoy!



Happy Thursday Year 4, 

Today we will continue to learn about states of matter in our water cycle. 

It's time to get creative by making your own water cycles at home!!

The first water cycle to make is one you're going to watch over time to observe changes... It shouldn't take you too long to make this one! To make the second water cycle you'll need to follow the video but you don't need to follow it exactly. You can make your own changes to make it your own!


Video 1: How to make a water cycle in a bag

Video 2: How to make a 3D water cycle.


Don't forget to submit your work in the google form at the top!

Video 1: Make your own water cycle

Examples from last year!

Video 2: How To Make A 3D Water Cycle Model

How To Make A 3D Water Cycle Model Teaching your kids all about the water cycle?

An example of a more simple 3D water cycle made by last years Year Fours.

Still image for this video
Great work on these practical science activities! I hope that they've helped you to understand the processes of evaporation and condensation a little more clearly.

When watching the animation below, listen out for these body parts which we learnt last week!

¡Buen trabajo, Clase 4!



Here is this week’s musical moment’s video from the Brass team at Sheffield Music Hub. This includes an opportunity to create a graphic score and try out your own homemade brass instrument!