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Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Once a week there will be a new Guided Reading text and tasks provided by Miss Kendall or Mr Earl for you to complete. 


Read the text out loud to yourself or to an adult and try to use expression in your voice.


Adults: Alongside each text are tasks focusing on one of the key reading skills (see below).


Key Reading Skills

Understanding the words that they have read (vocabulary);

Inferring meaning from what they have read and to explain and justify using evidence;

Summarising effectively including retelling and understanding the text in the correct sequence;

Retrieving information from the text;

Predicting what will happen later in the story;

Explanation of themes and patterns across the text and understanding that the author has made choices for effect;

Commenting on their own opinion and where they notice similarities and differences between texts.


As we do in school, complete one task a day and remember to re-read the text before you start your activity! 

You've all done so well with Guided Reading this week! I'm so pleased with how thoughtful you were when comparing myths and considering why so many cultures have an ancient flood myth. 5 CWRs for both classes!