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Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Friday 5th February 2021


Good morning, Year 4. This morning's Literacy work doesn't have to happen this morning, you could save it until your family is ready to settle down to watch a film with you. It is one of the most important steps for this piece of writing though as you need to have watched a film to be able to review it!


Three things to think about:

- a few questions to answer before you watch the film;

- makes some notes while you watch the film;

- reflect on your favourite character after you watch the film.


LO:  To be able to make notes.
I can remember to:

 - choose a film and get ready to watch it with your note-paper.
 - jot down details about the characters and what is happening.
 - make note of how the film changed your feelings.
 - state your opinion.
 - give examples to justify your opinion.


Please give us some feedback on how you've got on this week using this GOOGLE FORM.

It looks like you've made some good notes. Keep them handy for your brainstorm plans next week.

Thursday 4th February 2021


Figurative language isn't just for poetry; it can be used to make interesting and vivid descriptions in all types of writing. Today, we are going to recap some types of figurative language that you already know and I'll introduce a new one too.


When you've finished your activites, then you can test out your knowledge using the GOOGLE FORM QUIZ.


LO:   To be able to use figurative language.
I can remember to:

 - identify similes as comparisons using ‘like’ or ‘as’.
 - identify metaphors as comparisons which state something is another thing.
 - write your own similes and metaphors to describe.

Great work on figurative language, Year 4. It's not always straight-forward, but you've made this tricky subject look as easy as pie!

Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Today's lesson gives you a chance to look at some examples of movie reviews, but I have to admit some are better than others.


LO:   To be able to identify features of a good review.
I can remember to check if:

 - the review has included important facts about the film.
 - there is a synopsis (like a blurb) which doesn’t spoil the film’s surprises.
 - there are comparisons to other films, books plays etc.
 - the review has been fair (strengths and weaknesses).
 - the reviewer has explained their opinions with reasons.
 - the reviewer recommends the film to specific people.

I'm so impressed with all of you! You've really shown a solid understanding of what a good review needs (and doesn't need). Well done!

Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Good morning, Year 4. Today, we are taking a look at identifying facts and opinions.


I'd like everyone to have a go at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory task as that will be the most useful to review writing. You can print it out using the document below or do it as a GOOGLE FORM QUIZ.


If you feel up to it once you've finished that, there are two other challenges to have a go at to help you solidify your understanding of fact and opinion.


LO:   To be able to distinguish fact from opinion.
I can remember to:

 - describe the difference between fact and opinion.
 - sort examples of facts and opinions.
 - write your own facts and opinions about a film.

You've really shown a good understanding of fact and opinion today. I hope that you can see how useful they will be for our reviews.

Monday 1st February 2021


Good morning, Year 4. For the next two weeks in Literacy we are going to be focusing on one of my absolute favourite things in the world - movies!


Over the next fortnight, we are going to look at what reviews are and how they help us find movies that we might like to watch. We'll look at what a good review should (and should not) contain and we'll end up writing our own review* of a movie. 
*Yes, this means that you're going to need to watch a movie - I know, I know, what torture.


LO:   To be able to orally retell a text.
I can remember to:

 - use actions to help you to retell the story.
 - create a story map to help me to retell the key events.
 - speak clearly when performing.

We've had some great story maps from you today. Your little drawings always impress me when we do storymapping!

Story Map

Still image for this video
Check out this amazing video of EB's actions and recitation of parts of the review! 2 CWRs, young lady!

Y4 Charlies Talk Stories

A fantastic example of some in school Charlies' talk stories!

Great work on these Y4C! It made me smile to see how much thought you've put into your story mapping. 2 CWRs.

--Mr Earl