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Week Beginning 1st February 2021 - Journey to the Jungle - Jungle Logs 🌴

Good morning Aslans!


Thank you for sharing your AMAZING poetry work last week and for the fantastic videos you sent in! 

If you would like to watch these, you can find them at the end of last week's Literacy page which can be found HERE


Monday 1st February


LO: To be able to retell an explorer's Jungle Log entry

I can remember to:

- practise retelling using actions

- create a story map to follow

- speak clearly when performing

To give as many of you chance to record your videos, I will wait until the end of the school day tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd February) to download your videos and put them together. 


Please remember to record yourself retelling the jungle log in time with me (in the video) - this is so that we are all in time when I put your videos together on the screen to recreate our amazing Aslan classroom! 


You can upload a photo of your super story map and your video by clicking HERE.


Wow! These story maps are FANTASTIC - well done Y3!

Tuesday 2nd February



It's time to let your imaginations run wild...

There is a template below if you'd like to print one but drawing round something circular will work just as well! 
Talk Challenge - Can you tell 3 different people about your magical jungle? This could be a grown up at home or at school, a brother or sister, a pet, a teddy bear or somebody you can contact on the phone!

You can upload a photo of your creative challenge and your talk story video (pretty please!) by clicking HERE.


Look at these AMAZING jungles!! I love how creative you've been. 

Wednesday 3rd February

* Aslan Virtual Talk Story *


Thank you for all the fantastic videos sent in so far!


Because of all the excitement with yesterday's snow, I'm going to give you an extra day to film yourself retelling our talk story  - I think Jesse could probably do with the extra practise!! If you don't feel confident saying the words, just film yourself doing the actions along with me (in the video below).

Let's get as many lovely Aslan faces on our screens as we can! 


You can upload your talk story video by clicking HERE.

LO: To plan ideas for writing my own Jungle Log

I can remember to:
- use ideas from my creative challenge 

- use ideas from the Explorer's Jungle Log to help me structure my notes

- practise what I'm going to write by saying it 

FANTASTIC planning Y3s!

And here it is....our first ever virtual talk story! You are AMAZING!

Thursday 4th February


LO: To write a first draft of my jungle log.

I can remember to:

- add detail to my sentences using and or but

- add explanation to my sentences using because 

- use fronted adverbials to add in detail about when something took place

- check my capital letters at the start of my sentences, full stops at the end and commas after a fronted adverbial.

- read my writing back to check it makes sense! 

Friday 5th February


LO: To publish and perform my Jungle Log

You can upload a photo of your published jungle log and your videos by clicking HERE.

Another super jungle log! Thank you for sending in a video - it looks great! 

I would love to know what you've thought of this week's Literacy home learning....

please click HERE to complete a short quiz!