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Week Beginning 1st February 2021 - Hola Mexico

- Monday - 

L/O: To develop an understanding of the Maya writing

I can remember to:

Look at each of the logogram images and their meanings

Draw and write down the meaning of my favourite logograms

Design my own logogram and describe its meaning

If you complete your logograms and would like to find out more about Maya writing, you can use complete the fact hunt using the fact cards.  You can access these by click on the files or the photos below. 
Click here  if you'd like to complete a quiz based on the lesson today.  You can also use this to give your feedback. 
You can upload a photo of your whizzy work by clicking HERE.

- Tuesday - 

Amazing art works this week! I loved seeing what you all would like to see!

As it's such a beautiful snowy day today, I've made a last minute change to our art lesson.


It's a great opportunity to get outside and create something using the medium of snow! This can be a snowman, or you could stretch your creativity a little and create a snow collage or a snow drawing using different natural materials. Snow can be a great way to get artistic and have lots of fun at the same time!


My two had a great time making snow people this morning and thought of ways that they could make them look as realistic as possible. They worked hard to sculpt and add detail and worked together really nicely!

My daughter then switched media and continued to create stick pictures in the snow!

When you have finished your artwork, you can share a photo of your work here

Please evaluate your work here

Here are some really creative and funny snow people to give you some ideas

If you have paint at home, then painting in the snow is also really effective...

Fabulous to see those snow creations coming in! I love the themes!

- Wednesday - 

Time to get your dancing shoes back on with Dazzle Dance Amy this week!! Enjoy!!

For this week's singing session,  Sheffield Music Hub have set us a challenge!
There are 2 options which are both explained by Caroline in the video below.

Option 1: This requires you to work with others.  Create a structure using the template provided (see the link below).  Decide which part to bring in first/second/third THEN record your performance using your new structure, split into part.

Option 2: This can be done on your own. Create a structure using the template (see the link below). Decide which part to bring in first/second/third THEN record yourself singing the each part, one after the other (e.g. Bow Wow Wow, then Hot Cross Buns, then body percussion)


The video starts with a fun warm up.  Warming up helps us get ready to sing. It stretches our muscles and focuses
our mind! Focus on copying the warm up exactly and only making the sounds on the video!

Here is a video from our music teacher, Heather Burge, demonstrating the challenge.

You can upload a video of you completing the task by clicking HERE.

- Thursday -

Task: Create a poster showing how a volcano is formed. You can use one of the templates in the activity sheet below or get creative and display this information in a different way. I look forward to seeing your super work! 

Just for fun! 

Have a go at drawing your own erupting volcano using the video below...

You can upload your Super Science work HERE.

- Friday - 

When watching the animation below, listen out for these body parts which we learnt last week!

You can upload a photo of your Super Spanish work, a photo of you all wrapped up and any videos HERE.

Here is this week’s musical moment’s video from the Brass team at Sheffield Music Hub. This includes an opportunity to create a graphic score and try out your own homemade brass instrument!