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Week beginning 1st March 2021




Today, we are going to focus in on one small group of Angles who have crossed the North Sea and sailed up the River Humber to find a place to settle.


What will they need? Where is the best place for them to make their settlement? What will their houses look like? These are all questions that you'll need to answer for the settlers.


LO: To be able to identify features of a good settlement site.
I can remember to:

 - sort settlers’ needs by importance.
 - give reasons why a site might be unsuitable for settlement. 
 - give reasons why a site might be useful as a settlement.
 - explain how the land could be modified to make a good settlement.


Today's lesson has a few different parts. Watch my video first to understand what to do. Below my video are the resources that you'll need to do the main part of the lesson.


Once you have watched that, there are a few other videos at the bottom to give you an idea of what an Anglo-Saxon village might have looked like. Below that are the resources that you'll need to make your very own Anglo-Saxon house.


As an optional extra, I've also added a recipe for Anglo-Saxon oakcakes at the bottom. After all, you'll probably be hungry after making your new home!

West Stow Village

West Stow Village 2

Still image for this video

Ælfsige Gives a Tour of His House

Excellent Examples of Saxon Settlement work today!



Today is our last art lesson. I have LOVED putting together these art lessons and seeing the amazing peices of art that you have created! It has been really inspiring and has helped me work on projects with my family at home so I hope you have been able to do the same.


This week, we will be making landscape collages. Watch the video to start getting some ideas:


When making my collage, I decided to use the same view from my window that I painted last week. I teamed up with my daughter and created a collage using a mix of recycled and natural materials. Watch our video to see what we did and then send in pictures of your collages, as well as sending any feedback to the Google quiz.

Y3/4 landscape collage SD 480p

Wow. I'm very impressed with your art work this week. A lot of time has gone into these.


PE & Music

WARM UP: Just Dance 4- The Final Countdown (HD)

Just a little dance-off.

Happy Wednesday Year 3 and 4, 

As tomorrow is World Book Day I thought we would base our PE today around a book.... The Kids World Record Book.

Below are different world records that children have completed. Have a look and see if you can beat them!!

Use your phone or ipad camera to scan the QR code where you can watch the challenges. 

At the end you can then try to make your own challenge at home or with your friends.

Good Luck!!

Why dont you try making your own world record challenges? Here are a few ideas!



Complete this short quiz so we can see how are are getting on!



Y4 - Science- How to look after your teeth

What If We Stop Brushing Teeth? Start watching at 0:50

Example Posters (click to enlarge)

Just for fun try drawing a cartoon toothbrush and toothpaste

Colourful and bright drawings/posters!


Spanish & Music

As it was World Book Day yesterday, it seemed only right that in today's lesson, we read a Spanish book together - enjoy! 

Y4s, some of you may remember this story from last year - I hope you enjoy completing today's task!

Task: I would like you to draw a picture from the story and label the following things in Spanish.

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 6 - Rhythm: Triplets featuring The Percussion Team