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Week beginning 1st March 2021

Super writing HP! You have thought so carefully about your word choices and expertly built up the suspense. I might ahve a few sleepless nights over the ending!wink
Well done HP! You have identified all the features - super work!

Friday, March 5th


The final day is here before we are all back together. Yippee! Please watch the video if you are brave enough!

Y5 Suspense paragraph

Click on link here

Some fantastic work from HM, HP,OH and WM. WM, great effort with the Top Trumps . I hope I don't end up with Rowley as a top trump! Great work on the quiz OH. Podkin is certainly holding all the aces in every caategory, HM. HP, I love the way you've created a digital top trump, they look amazing. I hope you enjoyed the quiz OH!


Thursday, March 4th

Are you brave enough for the next couple of lessons? If you are watch the video below.

Y5 Features of suspense writing

Click on the link here to the quiz
Fantastic work from HP and HM. HP, you clearly paid attention to the video and included all the features we spoke about ( especially the brackets). HM, this piece of writing is so imagination. I dread to think how your hero is going to defeat Gormalech. Did you get this idea from a story you have read?

Wednesday, March 3rd


Would you like to make some Top Trumps cards? Please watch the sensational video below.

Y5 Literacy top trumps

Remember, you only have to make 2 cards, although there are some spares if you fancy making some more in your spare time.
Click on link here

Tuesday, March 2nd


To start with, please have a look at the answers to yesterdays quiz.

For our lesson today, we are focusing on turning our notes on character description into an extended piece of writing. Please watch the video, where all will be revealed.

Y5 Character description day 2

Click on link here to upload your work
Great work from CG and IB! IB, your witch looks very mysterious! WH, I love some of the word choices you have used to describe Max the Martian - you are a very gifted writer and illustrator. HM, you have made effective word choices - I love the illustration!

Monday, March 1st

Our Literacy today will focus on character description. Please watch the video and complete all the tasks.

Good luck!

Y5 Character description

Click on link to quiz here
Great Golden writes from AB and OH. Well done for including all the  features of a newspaper report and using speech correctly!