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Week beginning 1st March 2021

Monday 1st March

Salut! It’s Mrs. Leverton here to start off your week of wider curriculum learning again and it’s French and PE again for you today.

TASK 1 – French

Mr. Rist is going to get you warmed up with some revision of the days of the week including putting these in to a conversation. Mr. Rist did make this video for last week as you can tell from his opening! Remember to join in and practice your pronunciation.

Y5 French days of the week

We are going to move on with time but still using the language we have been developing during home learning. We are going to learn the vocabulary of seasons. Please work through the powerpoint below – remember there are sound buttons to click which pronounce the words for you. Join in and practice your pronunciation. Maybe you could get someone at home to practice with you? There is a question and answer that is used near the end that will be useful to practice for your work.


Now have a go at the worksheet – there is no need to print it off but have a go at the activities.

Try to give your answers in a full sentence, for example:

Dans quelle saison est mai ?

Mai est au printemps.

If you want to learn more, click on the BBC Bitesize link below which will combine today’s learning with work we have done in school about the weather.



Amy Burton has been busy Dazzle Dancing away for us again and has another great work out for us all to have a go at here. Enjoy!

KS2 Dazzle Dance 25.02.21

Dazzle Dance with Amy and learn a cheerleading routine.

Let us know how you got on with today’s tasks and share any work you have produced using the google form below.


Google form

Great maths work Year 6 and so pleased to hear how much most of you have enjoyed today's sessions - particularly the PE - I'll let Amy know how much you've enjoyed it!Sorry AG for the initial incorrect labelling of your work!

Thanks for sharing your art week from last week XS - it's fabulous! I love the colours and patterns you have chosen and the cat and dog design!

Tuesday 2nd March

Greetings Year 6 Scientists!  For our final Science blogging lesson, we are going to be looking at FOOD!  We have already learnt about how the digestive system transports food (and nutrients) all around the body.  But what are the different nutrients our body needs to keep healthy?  We need a range of food groups in our diet such as:-


Watch the following video then answer the questions about it below. 

What is The Eatwell Guide

Click on the Quiz Picture to answer questions about the video!





Look at the Powerpoint below and write down the food groups that each meal contains.  I have done the first one for you! Use this photo below to help you work out the food groups:-




Toast – Carbohydrates

Tomato – Fruit and vegetables

Beans – Proteins

Egg – Protein

Sausage – red meat

Bacon – red meat





Plan what a healthy, balanced day of food could look like.  Make sure you have looked at the EatWell guide again to give you some ideas.  Have you included all their recommendations such as:

  • 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  • Whole grain and high fibre versions of carbohydrates e.g. wholemeal bread
  • Lower fat dairy options e.g. skimmed milk
  • Eating more beans and pluses with 2 portions of fish a week (not in one day!)
  • Small amounts of unsaturated oils and spreads
  • Less high sugar and fat foods






Evening meal


Snacks and other





Fantastic Science learning everyone! Your meal plans made me very hungry!

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 


Hi Year 6! Miss Stephens here!  Today we will have 2 tasks: art and music!



We will be learning about a famous artist, Paul Klee.  Who is he? Read below...


Today's task


We are going to recreate Paul Klee's art, "Castle and Sun."


The video below shows 2 different ways to do this: 


- with pastels 

- collage of coloured paper 


Do not worry if you don't have pastels, you can easily do this with felt tips, crayons, coloured pencils... maybe even on the computer or tablet? Ooo..

Paul Klee 3 PROJECTS for Kids | Paint like Paul Klee Castle and Sun | Paul Klee art lesson for kids

Paul_Klee kept his playful spirit while making art. It is like he played with the idea of abstract; one step further, one step back. In this Paul Klee art l...




KS2 Week 7 - Home Learning

Complete this short quiz so we can see how are are getting on! 8

Wow! Year 6!! Excellent colours and geometric shapes used! Keep sending these in!

Thursday 4th June

Hello year 6! Continuing with our journey across Northern America, we are going to stop off at one of USAs main states – New York which has the most populated city in the whole of the USA – New York City.

I would like you to use the video link below and the PowerPoints to find out all about New York. Remember to make notes as you listen and read the information. I wonder what cool facts you will find out?


Follow our New York City Trail! - Lonely Planet Kids video

Lonely Planet Pathfinder and vlogger, Laura Bubble, goes exploring in New York to uncover its incredible secrets. Ready to get seriously streetwise with her?...

I’ve also found some cards which give some extra interesting facts – ignore the last couple of cards unless you want to role play at home!

I would like you to produce a fact file or poster about New York – decide if you want to look at the whole state or focus in on New York City – the choice is yours! I’ve attached a basic template if you want to use it to set out your work but I’m sure you can be creative a develop your own fact file! I’ve also included the remember tos for the task.

For those of you wanting an extension, I’ve attached a map activity below. Use the maps on the sheet as they give you all the information you need. The answers are even on the second page if you want to check. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough fun, I’ve added a word search as well!

Please share any work using the link below that you have completed.

Google form upload


Some super New York work from yesterday. In fact New York, New York work as it's so good we'll name it twice.

Friday 5th June

Greetings Year 6s and welcome to Friday’s creative curriculum lesson. This will be your last lesson of home learning for lockdown so I hope you enjoy it!

We are going to be combining our work on New York with some art today – I’ve been really looking forward to this lesson! But firstly, we need to find out some information. We are going to be finding out two sides of a debate regarding graffiti – is it art or vandalism? Let’s find out more so you can make your own mind up. Firstly, have a read through the PowerPoint below to find out some key facts.


Now have a watch of the video clip below (follow the link). Use the clip to answers the questions below.

Here is another video giving some more viewpoints.


Below is a table with different statements on. Have a read through each one and decide if you think it is supporting an argument for or an argument against graffiti as an art form. You don’t need to print this out – I’ve given you some ideas of how you could complete this task on the document.


Now over to you. I would like you to write a paragraph about your views on graffiti – is it an art form or vandalism? Or maybe you might see it as both? You can always write this on a piece of paper and send the image in or write a response on the google quiz.


Finally, have a go at creating your own graffiti style art. The are two videos below – one is more basic (the first video) whereas the other is a little more detailed (also more cheesy but better results!) Choose one of the tutorials and see what you can create!

How To Draw The Word Art (Simple Graffiti Style) + Challenge Time

Learn how to draw the word art in simple graffiti style! Plus, stay until the end for this week's CHALLENGE TIME! #howtodraw #artforkidshub🎨 ART SUPPLIES ...

Graffiti Art for Kids | Educational Video for Children

In this episode, you'll learn how to make graffiti art. This activity is great for kids of all ages who can write their name. Whether you need a quick art le...

I can’t wait to see your work from today – please upload it using the link below.


Google form - upload

Some fabulous work from today and so good to hear your ideas about the topic of art v vandalism. To summarise the views you gave, it seems that Graffiti is respected by you as being an art form when it is done in a permitted place and when it is more than scrawled names or 'tags'.

EW - a very well written balanced view point which is well explained.