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Week beginning 22nd February 2021

Super scoop WM! It was quite clever of the snake to camouflage itself on the PE ropes!

Friday, 26th February


We are now on the last step of our newspaper story – the Golden Write.  So, put on some relaxing music if you can, sharpen your pencil and prepare to be amazed at your newspaper scoops!

Please make sure to use the newspaper template pdf below, if you can.

Just remember to look at your corrections in the editing stage and include them in your Golden Writing.

Good luck everybody!

Click on link here


Thursday , 25th February


We are now at the editing stage.Please watch the video and then get your green pens ready!

Y5 Editing a newspaper report

Click on link here

Great story HP! Miss Edge would be jealous she did not discover the panda: pandas are her favourite animal! 

IB - what an imaginative story - fancy finding trillions of pounds in a cellar. HM - it is a beautiful piece of writing which includes all the features we have spoke about. OH - an adder might be useful for Maths (I'm so funny - not). Like HM, you have clearly paid attention to the videos and you have used a lot of humour in your writing. Lovely writing WM - the layout and features have all been included!

Tuesday, 23rd February

Hopefully, you are now ready to complete your first draft. This will take 2 days to complete.  Therefore, I will not put anything on the blog for tomorrow!




  • Always refer to your plan when you are drafting your story
  • Write a line , miss a line to allow for editing. If you run out of space, carry onto the 2nd page of the template
  • When you have finished, check you have included all the features we discussed
  • Use the Conjunction word mat to help with your word choices
  • Most importantly, please watch the videos, which explain how to draft your article. There is a video for each part of the draft.
  • You do not need to worry about the layout. I will provide you with a TEMPLATE ( blank newspaper page) for your Golden Writing.


Good luck! I look forward to seeing your work! PLEASE COMPLETE THE QUIZ!



Y5 Modelling 2nd para newspaper article

Y5 Modelling 3rd paragraph

Y5 Modelling conclusion newspaper article

Click on link for quiz
Wow! Sensational Talk for Writing from HM and HP. Love the touch with the News jingle in the background! The floating panda and tiger was very impressive . It really made me smile a lot! I showed it to the children at school - they were so happy to see you. Also. some great story maps from YS and OH!

Y5 Talk for Writing News Broadcast

Year 5 Talk for writing news broadcast

Monday, 22nd February

We are now moving onto the Talk for Writing.

Plan for today:


1.   Watch the video of myself modelling the introduction

2.   Watch the video of myself acting out the introduction

3.   Write your own introduction

4.  Act out your introduction and create a story map

Y5 Modelling introduction to newspaper article

Y5 re - telling the introduction with actions

Task 1

Write your own introduction using your plan for support


Task 2

Create a story map for your introduction


Task 3


Re -tell your introduction using actions

Click on link here
Some fantastic planning of a newspaper story from CM. My heart was all a flutter when I found Blue in the classroom! Great plan Willow - I will have to tell Miss Edge about Fruitloops ; she loves pandas!