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Week beginning 22nd February 2021

Monday - Space Poems

This week we will be writing our own space poems. First of all, watch the BBC Bitesize video that explains what a poem is.

Y1 Writing Monday 22nd February

An alien Shopping List by Ian Bland

Tuesday - Space poems - Rhyming words

Our next job is to understand what rhyming words are. Watch this short video from BBC Bitesize and then we can work together to find some rhyming words.

Y1 Writing Tuesday - Rhyming words

Learning what a rhyming word is and listing your rhymes ready for your shopping list

Wednesday - Sci-fi adjectives

Today we will be understanding how to use adjectives (describing words). We will be finding 'spacey' sounding adjectives by looking through science fiction or using the internet. Then we will add them to our nouns from yesterday to make our alien shopping list items. First watch the video about adjectives and then my lesson to find out what you need to do.

Adjectives Song - A fun adjective song for kids to rock out to!

Adjectives Song - A fun adjectives song for kids to rock out to and learn about describing words. A fun grammar song that helps you understand what an adjec...

Y1 Writing - Sci-fi Adjectives

Find some sci-fi adjectives and add them to nouns to create spacey things for our alien shopping list.

Thursday - Writing your space poem

Now it's time to write your space poem. Follow the 'Remember to's and you can't go wrong. My video explains and models how to write your poem in the same style as 'An Alien Shopping List'. Have lots of fun being a poet and you didn't even know it!

Y1 writing - Writing a space poem

Follow the 'remember to's and your poem will write itself!

Friday - Rehearsing and reciting your space poem

Y1 Writing - Rehearsing and reciting your space poem

Learn about how to rehearse your poem and then recite your poem with expression.

What an amazing job you've done with your poems! I think they're better than Ian Bland's original!

Y1 presenting their poems from school the bubble

Y1 An Alien Shopping List (Home Learning)