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Week beginning 22nd February 2021

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had an enjoyable half term break and that you got some well deserved rest. 

This week's CLIC has some new content as the children have been doing so well with our work on amounts. We now have a new section called Calculation. So our new CLIC actually spells CLIC instead of ACLI!

This week we are focusing on counting in 2's, saying the next number and some new Learn its number sentences. Remember to try and do the CLIC a few times a week if you can to consolidate your learning and get your brains working before the main maths lesson.

F2 CLIC Spring 2 week1


It's time for Big Maths Beat That. Let's start with some number formation using ribbons or our fingers in the air.

BIG MATHS beat that 30 seconds

Can you beat your best ever score? Good luck!




F2 Maths Making Pairs 1